10 Interesting Heron of Alexandria Facts

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Let’s talk about history by reading Heron of Alexandria facts. Heron of Alexandria is also famous with the name Hero.  He lived circa 10 to 70 AD. This Greek man was famous as a good engineer and mathematician. Even though he was Greek, he was very active living in Alexandria, Roman Egypt.  See the facts about him below:

Heron of Alexandria Facts 1: work

Most experts state that the works of Heron Alexandria present the Hellenistic scientific tradition. There is no need to wonder if people consider him as an experimenter of antiquity.

Heron of Alexandria Facts 2: aeolipile

Aeolipile is also called as a hero engine. This hero engine was published by Heron in his description. This engine actually was a stream powered device.

Heron of Alexandria Facts

Heron of Alexandria Facts

Heron of Alexandria Facts 3: Ctesibius

Ctesibius was the one who inspired Heron. You can find that some of his works were similar with the works of Ctesibius.  It is due to the facts that Heron was an atomist.

Heron of Alexandria Facts 4: wind wheel

Wind wheel is another idea that Heron of Alexandria had when he was alive. Today wind wheels are used in many countries to produce the electricity.

Heron of Alexandria Image

Heron of Alexandria Image

Heron of Alexandria Facts 5: manuscripts

Most descriptions and ideas of Herons works were lost. However, some of them are kept in Arabic manuscripts. When he was alive, he became a teacher and lecturer. He taught various subjects to the students in Library of Alexandria. His invention and creativity can be seen in the field of physics, mechanics, mathematics and pneumatics.

Heron of Alexandria Facts 6: mechanisms for the Greek theater

Heron also contributed much to the world of theater. He invented some mechanisms for the Greek theater. To create the sound of a thunder, he would drop some metal balls inside a hidden drum. He also created a mechanical performance by using a rotated cylindrical cogwheel and knots.

Heron of Alexandria Invention

Heron of Alexandria Invention

Heron of Alexandria Facts 7: fire engine

Another genius invention of Heron was a fire engine. During the Roman Empire, this fire engine was widely used in the form of a force pump.

Heron of Alexandria Facts 8: The syringe

To regulate the delivery of liquid and air, Heron invented a syringe like tool.

Heron of Alexandria Pic

Heron of Alexandria Pic

Heron of Alexandria Facts 9: Heron’s fountain

Heron’s fountain was created by Heron. The operation of this standalone fountain was from the hydrostatic energy.

Heron of Alexandria Facts 10: Hero’s works

If you like to learn about the invention and works of Heron, you need to get the five volume books published in 1903 by House Teubner in Leipzig. This volume accomplishes the complete work of Heron.

Heron of Alexandria Windwheel

Heron of Alexandria Windwheel

Some works that Heron of Alexandria had created during his life include On the Dioptra, Pneumatica, Automata, Metrica, and many more. Do you have any opinion on facts about Heron of Alexandria?

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