10 Interesting Gary Paulsen Facts

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Gary Paulsen facts give the interesting information about one of the best writers in America. We like to present his personal life, works and early life of Paulsen. Probably you have heard about this man through his popular books. Let’s find out the detail info in the following post:

Gary Paulsen Facts 1: children

Talking about his marriage life, Gary has three wives. However, he only has two children.

Gary Paulsen Facts 2: science function

When he was a kid, he admitted that he really loved to read science fiction.

Gary Paulsen Facts

Gary Paulsen Facts

Gary Paulsen Facts 3: an attack of angina

After his second Iditarod, Gary faced an attack of angina in 1985. It made his health worse. Therefore, he had to let go of his beloved dogs.

Gary Paulsen Facts 4: children author

It is stated that Gary Paulsen is ranked on the fourth position of the most popular children author in the world.

Gary Paulsen Pic

Gary Paulsen Pic

Gary Paulsen Facts 5: books

During his life, he had created 175 books. The first book of Gary was The Special War. It was published in 1966.

Gary Paulsen Facts 6: traveling

As a writer, Gary had a lot of time. He enjoyed his spare time by traveling a lot. He had visited many places. Gary also attended the Anniversary of Colorado in 1972.

Gary Paulsen Style

Gary Paulsen Style

Gary Paulsen Facts 7: reading

Before his big day as a writer, Gary actually did not like reading a book. He found it amusing after a public librarian gave him a library card that he could use to borrow many books. Then reading is one of his hobbies. He would love to spend his time reading books on his basement of apartment.

Gary Paulsen Facts 8: birth and death

Gary was born on 17th May 1939. He passed away in 1990 after suffering from a heart attack.

Gary Paulsen walking

Gary Paulsen walking

Gary Paulsen Facts 9: adventure

When he was only 14 years old, he ran away from his home. He travelled with a carnival and found out the adventures sense in his journey.

Gary Paulsen Facts 10: jobs

He had a lot of jobs during his early life. He had been an engineer, a ranch hand, contraction worker, sailor, and truck driver before he ended up as a writer.

Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen

All of his experiences made his stories wonderful. He had ample materials to write fascinating stories. Are you wondered with facts about Gary Paulsen?

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