10 Interesting Shintoism Facts

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Find out the indigenous religion in Japan in Shintoism Facts. By embracing the religion, the people will have a strong connection of the ancient past Japan and the present day Japan. The focus of Shintoism lies on the ritual practices that should be held in diligent ways for the religion is defined as an action centered religion. Here are some interesting facts about Shintoism for you:

Shintoism Facts 1: the historical record of Shintoism

Let’s find out the historical record of Shintoism. It was dated back in 8th century during the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. At that time, the practice was not referred to Shintoism.  It was just a collection of native mythology and beliefs.

Shintoism Facts 2: the Shintoism today

Today, Shintoism is used to describe the public shrine religion. The main purpose is to worship kami or a multitude of gods.



Shintoism Facts 3: the purposes

Shintoism was suitable for various purposes such as harvest festivals and war memorials.

Shintoism Facts 4: the dressing style and ritual

The dressing style  worn by the priest or practitioners are still similar with the ones dated back in Nara and Heian era. It also uses the similar practice and ritual even though they present the diverse beliefs about the standard practice and languages.

Shintoism Pic

Shintoism Pic

Shintoism Facts 5: the term Shintoism

Can you tell me the meaning of Shintoism? This word Shinto was derived from the Chinese work of Shendao. It means the philosophical path or study. Find out Japan facts here.

Shintoism Facts 6: the record of using the word shindo

The usage of the word Shindo was traced back in the 2nd half of 6th century. The religion focuses on kami. It is manifested in various forms such as places, animals, trees, rocks, and rivers. The people also believe that the nature of kami can posses a person.

Shintoism Temple

Shintoism Temple

Shintoism Facts 7: the same world

Based on Shintoism, both people and kami live in the similar world.  It is considered as the most notable religion in Japan. The report finds out than 80 percent of Japanese people practiced Shintoism. However, the survey finds out that only a small percentage of Japanese people consider themselves as Shintoists.

Shintoism Facts 8: the priest and shrines

There are around 78,890 priests of Shinto in Japan. The country also has around 100,000 shrines.

Shintoism Facts

Shintoism Facts

Shintoism Facts 9: the religious expression

There are several categories created by the scholars to define the Shinto religious expression. Some of them include the Imperial Household Shinto, Shrine Shinto, Sect Shinto and Folk Shinto.

Shintoism Facts 10: Purification

Purification is very important in Shintoism. If the area of the shrine is filled with injured or dead people, it should be purified. Get facts about religion here.

Shintoism Japan

Shintoism Japan

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