10 Interesting Gloria Estefan Facts

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Gloria Estefan Facts give the information about one of the wonderful singers in the world. This singer is very legendary. People call her a diva.  Her concerts around the world are very booming even though she is now retired from the music world. Find out about her in the following post below:

Gloria Estefan Facts 1: Market America’s 2010 World Conference in Miami

Gloria Estefan was seen in Market America’s 2010 World Conference in Miami. She was very beautiful and wonderful at that time.

Gloria Estefan Facts 2: album

As a singer, she was very successful. In US, she sold 31.5 million albums. Around the world, the copies of her albums were sold around 100 millions. What a fantastic number!

Gloria Estefan Album

Gloria Estefan Album

Gloria Estefan Facts 3: quote

Estefan has her own favorite quote. Probably if you need an advice form her, see her quote. One of his best quotes is “you can put things off until tomorrow, but tomorrow may never come.”

Gloria Estefan Facts 4 place of birth

Her last name is very unique. It does not sound American. This woman was born in Havana, Cuba. Her full name is very long. She was born as Gloria Maria Milagros Fajardo Garcia De Estefan.

Gloria Estefan Cover

Gloria Estefan Cover

Gloria Estefan Facts 5: early performance

Her early life is just like any other girls in the world. She went to the University of Miami to puruse higher education. But singing is her hobby. On the weekends, she was allowed to perform on stage.

Gloria Estefan Facts 6: graduations

In 1979, she got degree of Psychology and a minor in French from University of Miami. It seems that Estefan was very concerned with education.

Gloria Estefan facts

Gloria Estefan facts

Gloria Estefan Facts 7: language abilities

Gloria has wonderful language abilities.  So she worked at the Miami airport as the French, Spanish and English translator there.

Gloria Estefan Facts 8: Emilio

Estefan met her husband Emilio when the man was trying to find out a lead singer of their band Miami Sound Machine. Both now live in Star Island.

Gloria Estefan Pic

Gloria Estefan Pic

Gloria Estefan Facts 9: children

Gloria Estefan has two children. Both are Nayib and Emily.

Gloria Estefan Facts 10:albums

On the rest of her career, she had released 15 albums in total.

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan

Besides being a singer Glorias was a great writer too. He had sold 2 children’s book. The New York Times considers both books as the best seller book. Are you fascinated with facts about Gloria Estefan?

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