10 Interesting Ellen DeGeneres Facts

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Let me give you the interesting informational about the famous actress, hostess, and stand up comedienne in Ellen DeGeneres facts. This woman is very notorious with her show. This woman was born on 26th January 1958. Find out more about her in the post below:

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 1: net worth

DeGeneres is one of the richest Hollywood celebrities. She got $65 million in her pocket right now. This information was from Forbes magazine in 2007. We say that she not has more money in the pocket.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 2: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

DeGeneres is famous because of her popular talk show with the title The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This show has a very high rating. She invited many famous Hollywood stars such as Justin Bieber, Carmen Elektra, Jonas Brother, and many more. In the ninth season of American idol, she became the judge.

Ellen Degeneres and Jonas Brothers

Ellen Degeneres and Jonas Brothers

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 3: Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi is an important woman in DeGeneres’s life.  Both have a long relationship since 2004. The couple is very happy since in 2008 both have married each other. In the Christmas 2008, DeGeneres decided to spend time in Australia just to have fun with Portia’s family.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 4: award

In 2007, DeGeneres got a 2007 Daytime Emmy award.  Her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show won the category of the Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Ellen Degeneres and Madonna

Ellen Degeneres and Madonna

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 5: hobbies

There are several Hobbies that DeGeneres loves to do. She likes playing tennis and collecting antique mirror. When she watches animal planet show, she loves to work out on her elliptical machine.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 6: gay

It was on 14th March 2000 that she had her first interview with The Advocate for as a gay. She is considered as the first gay leader character at a TV in the history. In 2006, she celebrated her 25 years anniversary in her show.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia

Ellen Degeneres and Portia

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 7: Betty

DeGeneres has a big support from her mother Betty. She regularly sits in the talk show as the audience. Her mother works as a rear state agent. His father is Elliot. He works as an insurance salesman.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 8: the first time as a gay

She came out as a gay in 1997.  She told the people in the world in her show named the Puppy Episode.  This episode collected 45 million audiences around the world. It was a very high rating.

Ellen Degeneres facts

Ellen Degeneres facts

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 9: charity

DeGeneres was very sensitive to other.  She is an active member in PETA organization which wants to save the animals in the world. She also took responsibility to raise donation for Hurricane Katrina.

Ellen DeGeneres Facts 10: jobs before being a comedian

There are many jobs that she had done to collect money before she became a famous comedian. She had worked as a bartender, retail clerk, vacuum sales, house painter, waitress and many more.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres

Before his parents divorced, Ellen and his brother were raised in Christians Scientist religion. Are you inspired with facts about Ellen DeGeneres?

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