10 Interesting Heinrich Himmler Facts

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Heinrich Himmler facts give the information about the leaded member of Nazi.  He is one of the men behind the back of Hitler. This man was a military commander of SS. If you want to know his military career as well as his death, look at the following post below:

Heinrich Himmler Facts 1: Adolf Hitler

Hitler trusted Himmler much. So he decided to make him as a Commander. He was also appointed to do the administration of the third Reich in Germany.

Heinrich Himmler Facts 2: Holocaust

One of the tragedies for Jewish people was in the era of Holocaust. The one who was responsible for this tragedy was not only Hitler but also Himmler. He was considered as the most powerful men in Nazi.

Heinrich Himmler Child

Heinrich Himmler Child

Heinrich Himmler Facts 3: the young Himmler

When he was young actually, he never had active service. At that time, he was one of the members in the reverse battalion of World War. Before he enrolled in the Nazi party in 1923, he took agronomy when he was studied in the college. In 1925, he moved to SS.

Heinrich Himmler Facts 4: Reichsführer-SS

Hitler liked him, so he was picked as the Reichsführer-SS in 1929. At first, SS was only a small military group which had 290 members. But then he could develop this military group into the biggest on in Germany.  SS was the group which controlled the concentration camps of NAZI.

Heinrich Himmler Image

Heinrich Himmler Image

Heinrich Himmler Facts 5: organizational skill

One of the strengths of Himmler lied on his good organizational skill. In 1931, he recruited Reinhard Heydrich as his subordinate.

Heinrich Himmler Facts 6: new position

In 1943, he got a new position in Hitler’s government. He had more power for he could oversee all of the issues in external and internal police and security forces.  He was appointed as the Minister of internal and Chief of German Police. The Secret state police or Gestapo was under his control.

Heinrich Himmler Pic

Heinrich Himmler Pic

Heinrich Himmler Facts 7: concentration camps

Concentration camps were the places where the Nazi put their Jewish prisoners and killed them here. Based on the permission of Hitler, Himmler decided to build extermination camps. He had killed 6 million Jewish people.

Heinrich Himmler Facts 8: all victims during Hitler’s regime

During the Hitler regime, there are at least 14 million people killed.  You can see that most of them were the Soviet and Polish people.

Heinrich Himmler Time

Heinrich Himmler Time

Heinrich Himmler Facts 9: failure

Since Himmler failed his mission as the command of the Army Group, he was discharged by Hitler.

Heinrich Himmler Facts 10: peace talk

Another action which made Hitler dismissed him from all of his posts was his intention to have a peace talk with the western allies without the permission of Hitler.

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler

Hitler wanted Himmler to be arrested.  So Himmler decided to hide. However, he was captured by the British force. Under the British custody, he committed suicide on May 23rd, 1945. What do you think on facts about Heinrich Himmler?

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