10 Interesting Jane Seymour Facts

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Jane Seymour facts can be your basic in how to gain better info related to this famous woman in India. There are many things that you don’t really know about this woman actually. The information below can be the basic to understand about her.

Jane Seymour Facts 1: King Edward III of England

Jane Seymour actually was a descendant of King Edward III of England. It was through Lionel of Antwerp who was the 1st Duke of Clarence.

Jane Seymour Facts 2: education

She actually was not educated as highly as the previous wife of King Henry named Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Yet, she could read and write a little. She was good at household management which was considered to be more necessary for any women.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour Facts 3: maid of honour

She became a maid-of-honor in 1532. It was to Queen Catherine. She also served Queen Anne.

Jane Seymour Facts 4: King Henry VIII

Next fact was about the way King Henry VIII was betrothed to Jane on 20 May 1536. It was one day after Anne Boleyn’s execution.  The couple actually married at the Palace of Whitehall, London. It was on 30 May 1536.

Jane Seymour Facts

Jane Seymour Facts

Jane Seymour Facts 5: 104 manors

The amusing gifts made by King are the 104 manors spread in 4 counties. You may also can recognize about the number of hunting chases, forests, and others which may provide great impressions of her.

Jane Seymour Facts 6: never crowned

She was never crowned because of the plague in London where the coronation taken place. Henry actually may have been reluctant to crown Jane before she had fulfilled the duty as the queen consort. It was by bearing him a son and a male heir.

Jane Seymour Movie

Jane Seymour Movie

Jane Seymour Facts 7: Princess Mary

She conducted great efforts in how to restore Henry child named Princess Mary.

Jane Seymour Facts 8:  pregnancy

She one became pregnant. It was in early 1537. During the pregnancy, she developed a craving for quail in which Henry ordered her from Flanders and Calais.

Jane Seymour Pic

Jane Seymour Pic

Jane Seymour Facts 9: labour

Jane Seymour actually suffered from difficult labour. It may last for 2 nights and also 3 days. It is probable because the baby wasn’t well positioned. After she conducted christening, it became recognizable that she suffered from serious illness.

Jane Seymour Facts 10: death

She died at Hampton Court Palace. It was on 24 October 1537.

Jane Seymour Queen

Jane Seymour Queen

The way you learn facts about Jane Seymour will determine mostly about in how to be able to get review about in how to deal with this further info. In this case, you need to learn more about available facts out there.

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