10 Interesting Martin Cooper Facts

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Martin Cooper Facts present the information about the father of the cell phone. He was also considered as the pioneer of the wireless communication industry in the world. He comes from America. If you are interested about his journey as a developer and business man, here are the facts about Cooper below:

Martin Cooper Facts 1: date of birth

Copper was born on 26 December 1928 in Chicago, Illinois with the full name Martin ‘Marty’ Cooper.  People call him the innovator of radio spectrum management. You need to know that he owns 11 patents in wireless communication industry.

Martin Cooper Facts 2: the first handheld mobile phone

The first handheld mobile phone that he developed was 1970s. At that time, he worked for Motorola. This phone was not similar with the car phone. After he visualized the handheld mobile phone, he developed and marketed it. Find out cell phone facts here.

Martin Cooper Company

Martin Cooper Company

Martin Cooper Facts 3: father of the cell phone

Cooper is recognized as the father of cell phone because he introduces a handheld cellular phone for the first time in public. Due to his wonderful idea, he establishes many successful communication companies with his wife, Arlene Harris. His wife is often called as the first lady of wireless.

Martin Cooper Facts 4: the present life

Cooper now sits as one of the committees. He supports United State Department of Commerce and Federal Communication Commission.  He also serves as the chairman of Dyna LLC. It is located in Del Mar, California.

Martin Cooper Facts

Martin Cooper Facts

Martin Cooper Facts 5: education

Let’s talk about the educational background of Martin Cooper. He graduated from IIT or Illinois Institute of technology in 1950. After he graduated from the university, he went to the Korean War. He enlisted himself as a submarine officer in Naval Reverses of US.

Martin Cooper Facts 6: a master degree

Martin studied again in IIT to get his master degree in 1957. He chose electrical engineering as his major.

Martin Cooper Image

Martin Cooper Image

Martin Cooper Facts 7: an honorary doctorate degree

In 2004, Cooper was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by IIT. Talking about his career, his first job was at Teletype Corporation located in Chicago. He left this job in 1954. Then he worked as a senior development engineer in Motorola Inc. located in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Martin Cooper Facts 8: products

Martin Copper was an incredible developer. He had created many products. One of them is the first cellular like portable handled police radio system. In 1967, this product was generated for Chicago Police department.

Martin Cooper Inventor

Martin Cooper Inventor

Martin Cooper Facts 9: the first cellular phone

In 1973, he had an idea about the first portable cellar phone. It was sold to the market after 10 years of development.

Martin Cooper Facts 10: success

His portable cell phone is very successful because Cooper realized that people need a communication tool that they can use anytime and anywhere.

Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper

There are many kinds of awards and honors that Cooper has received such as 2006 CITA Emerging Technologies Award, 2011 Inaugural Mikhail Gorbachev: The Man Who Changed the World Awards Nominee, and 2013 Charles Stark Draper Prize, National Academy of Engineering. Do you want to ask questions on facts about Martin Cooper?

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