10 Interesting Crispus Attucks Facts

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Crispus Attucks facts are very interesting for any people who want to learn about him. There is much information related to him. To help you understand about this, I provide some facts below actually.  Crispus Attucks is famous person in his era.

Crispus Attucks Facts 1: childhood

Crispus Attucks actually was born within 1723. It was in circa. He had good childhood. The name of his father is Prince. He came from Africa as a slave to America. The name of his mother is Nancy. She was the Indian descent slaves.

Crispus Attucks Facts 2: Buckminster farm

Attucks grew as a slave in certain farm called Colonel Buckminster. As a slave, he was sold to Deacon William Brown. The age when he was sold is 16 years old. The height of this person is 6 feet 2 inches in tall.

Crispus Attucks facts

Crispus Attucks facts

Crispus Attucks Facts 3: end of slavery

He actually can escape from slavery within the year of 1750. It was on September 30. The age of him is 27 years old. His return to Boston had gained good fortune in return. The reward offered is £10. This information is rare for people to know.

Crispus Attucks Facts 4: Michael Johnson

He had escaped as a slave. In such era, he had used an alias which is Michael Johnson. Later, he worked in a whaler. The duration is 10 years. For next 10 years, he worked as the sea merchant. He also ever worked as rope maker.

Crispus Attucks Image

Crispus Attucks Image

Crispus Attucks Facts 5: beginning of Boston Massacre

There is the main reason of Boston Massacre. The main reason is the dislike and angriness of any citizens towards Boston soldiers’ occupation and also the altercations.

Crispus Attucks Facts 6: Cripus and Sailors

There was the time when Cripus and also certain group of sailors who try to stand up for rebel. The reason is still in ambiguity whether as the belief protection or simply troublemaking. It occurred within March 5, 1770.

Crispus Attucks Pic

Crispus Attucks Pic

Crispus Attucks Facts 7: the Boston Massacre

The first event of Boston Massacre was the fall of 5 citizens killed in the night during the night of March 5, 1770. Crispus Attucks is the one who was firstly shot by Hugh Montgomery on the chest.

Crispus Attucks Facts 8:  the other victims

The other four victims of the massacre were Samuel Maverick, Samuel Gray, Patrick Carr, and James Caldwelll.

crispus attucks source

crispus attucks source

Crispus Attucks Facts 9: the godfather

He has the title as godfather. It is as Sinitta’s baby. It is a great title for him right?

Crispus Attucks Facts 10: propaganda

The massacre was taken benefit by Samuel Adams in order to spread propaganda for the citizenry.

Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks

The facts about Crispus Attucks above are some among others facts related to Crispus Attucks. You can conduct more efforts to gain better info actually.

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