10 Interesting Bonfire Night Facts

Monday, November 25th 2013. | Events

Bonfire night facts perhaps still become so much unfamiliar for any people. Yet, any people should know that it is certain event or protest conducted by people. So, what kind of activity is bonfire night? Therefore the facts below can become best reference.

Bonfire Night Facts 1: guy fawkes

You may realize the most that event may really become so much popular among people who often involve in political event. It is about an activity conducted by several political protesters out there which may hide their identity by wearing Guy Fawkes mask.

Bonfire Night Facts 2: St. Peter’s School

Any of you may recognize about any political protest around UK by applying such concept. Yet, there is a place where you can’t find it such as on St. Peter’s School in York. It is the school where Guy Fawkes went. People need to protect his image as former part of the pupil.

Bonefore Night Beauty

Bonefore Night Beauty

Bonfire Night Facts 3: gunpowder plot

If hear about Guy Fawkes, people may always recognize about the fact that Guy Fawkes is not the major schemer of gunpowder plot. Yet, it is no doubt that he holds the most important role which may make the plot gaining significant effect to the parliament.

Bonfire Night Facts 4: 2500 kg of gunpowder

There are certain physicists who have conducted calculation that the 2500 gunpowder can provide effect of damage within the area of 500 meters around the centre of the explosion.

bonfire night

bonfire night

Bonfire Night Facts 5: history of gunpowder

You need to know as well about the history of the gunpowder which certain Chinese cook has accidentally discovered certain powder which can cause lethal damages. The explosion indeed is tremendous.

Bonfire Night Facts 6: firework in Europe

If it is about the arrival of firework in Europe as the main part of Bonfire Night, you may recognize it within 14th century. It was first produced by Italian people indeed.

bonfire night scene

bonfire night scene

Bonfire Night Facts 7: dummies

If you have ever involved in such Bonfire night, you may see certain activity such as burning the dummies. The purpose is indeed to make sure that people can drive away the evil spirit. This kind of activity has been conducted since 13th century ago.

Bonfire Night Facts 8:  “Guy”

Certain word such as guy is said has the originality come from Guy Fawkes. The meaning is ugly and also repulsive person. As the time goes by, such word has changed into “man” actually.

bonfire night sparkler

bonfire night sparkler

Bonfire Night Facts 9: Bon-Fire

The original meaning of Bonfire is the body of witches. We all notice that people may recognize it to be the most conceptual meaning of the event actually.

Bonfire Night Facts 10: the culture

Although the purpose of such bonfire night is to provide protest against the government, people may recognize it to be a culture nowadays.



Any people living in UK indeed has already recognized about such kind of activity as the protest of the people against government. Yet, it has better to learn facts about Bonfire night first for better info.

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