10 Interesting Gold Facts

Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Jewelry

Let me you the interesting ideas on gold facts. Gold is one of the important elements in the world. This precious material is expensive when it is processed into jewelry. The only metal in the world which has the yellow or golden color is gold. The metal will never react or oxidize with other chemical and lose its color. It will stay yellow all of the time.

Gold Facts 1: Gold on Earth

The gold on earth is formed from the meteorite which bombarded the earth for about 200 million years ago. Look at universe facts to know more about it.

Gold Facts 2: Symbol

Au is the element symbol of gold. It is gained form the Latin name of gold. It is called as aurum the meaning for this word is glow for sunrise or shining dawn. To know the symbol of diamond, look the diamond facts here.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars

Gold Facts 3: Word Gold

The word gold is derived from the Germanic language.  This material is well known since the ancient time. The meaning of gold is yellow or green.

Gold Facts 4: Ductile Material

Gold is included as a ductile material. People can get the gold thread in the length for 8 kilometer or 5 miles if they use 28 grams or an ounce of gold. The thread can be found in many expensive saris or fabrics featuring the gold thread embroidery.



Gold Facts 5: Malleable Element

Gold is also a malleable element. You can have 300 square sheet of gold if you can use an ounce of gold. This material can be made in transparent look. It usually will come in blue color.

Gold Facts 6: Nontoxic Material

Wearing gold is safe because this material is nontoxic. People can eat and drink gold metal flakes.

Gold Facts

Gold Facts

Gold Facts 7: Karat of Gold

The pure elemental gold is counted in 24 karat. If you have 75 percent gold, it is counted at 18 karat. 14 karat of gold is 58.8 percent. If you have 41.7 percent of pure gold, you get 10 karat.

Gold Facts 8: combination

When you have the gold less than 24 karat, you can see it combined with other metals. It can be combined with silver, zinc, iron, cadmium, and nickel, copper or platinum.

Gold in Bars

Gold in Bars

Gold Facts 9: Benefits of Gold

Despite the high state symbol of gold, this metal material is often used in various fields.  People use it in the field of medicine, electronic, electrical wiring, colored glass and radiation shielding.

Gold Facts 10: Noble Metal

Many people consider gold as a noble metal. The degradation of air can be eliminated because this metal is unreactive to acidic, moisture and air.



Aqua regia is used by the people to dissolve gold. This is a special mixture from acids. Since this material is unreactive, the pure gold is tasteless and odorless. Do you have any question on facts about gold?

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