10 Interesting Pearl Facts

Wednesday, October 1st 2014. | Jewelry

Pearl Facts give the information about the only gemstone created by the living animals. When women want to look classic, they like to use the pearl jewelry. It comes in various colors such as white, gold, and white. With the modern technology people can get this pearl in blue, pink, purple or even green. Get more facts about pearl in the following post below:

Pearl Facts 1: harvest

If you think that you kill the mollusk when you take the pearls, you will not kill them. The pearls can be implanted again. The mollusks can produce other pearls again.

Pearl Facts 2: the saltwater pearls

The saltwater pearls are called akoya by some people. They are produced from oysters. Get oyster facts here.

pearl color

pearl color

Pearl Facts 3: the freshwater pearls

If you want to get the freshwater pearls, you need to get them from the mussels. You have to know that all kinds of mollusks can produce pearls.

Pearl Facts 4: color of pearls

The colors of pearls are various. They can be produced naturally. What makes the color of pearls different can be seen inside the shells. You can find the pearls in black, purple, gold and white colors.

pearl facts

pearl facts

Pearl Facts 5: the natural pearls

It is not very easy for the people to get the natural pearls due to the bad weather condition. The tsunamis and water pollution make the oyster unsafe. Therefore, most pearls today are the products of the cultivated to cultured pearls.

Pearl Facts 6: pearl is unique

Do you know that a pearl is very unique? You will never find two identical pearls. All of them are not perfect.

pearl oyster

pearl oyster

Pearl Facts 7: the Persian princess

The Persian princess who passed away in 520 BC owned the oldest pearl jewelry fragment. The pearls were found in her sarcophagus.

Pearl Facts 8: Periculture

Periculture is the term used to call the pearl farming.

pearl pic

pearl pic

Pearl Facts 9: Cleopatra

Cleopatra has a story about pearl. She won a bet against Marc Anthony. She said to him that she could give him a banquet with the price more than the asset on her country. Then she put off her pearl earring and mixes it with a glass of wine. Cleopatra drank the wine.

Pearl Facts 10: name

The word pearl was taken from the word Pirum in Latin word. The meaning is pear which can be used to reflect the shape of the pearl.



Pearls are mostly used to create jewelry such as necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings. Do you have opinion on facts about pearl?

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