10 Interesting French Christmas Facts

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French Christmas facts are interesting to read because you can educate yourself about the celebration of Christmas in France. The people in different country have their own tradition when celebrating Christmas. Let find out the way the French celebrates this holiday:

French Christmas Facts 1: celebration

When we talk about the Christmas in France, it is about the midnight mass, gifts for the poor people, candy, gifts for the children, family union, le rebellion and festive celebration.

French Christmas Facts 2: varied celebrations

The types for Christmas celebration in France depend on the regions in France. There are many provinces in France celebrated Christmas day on 25th December. Some people call it as a bank holiday.

French Christmas Celebration

French Christmas Celebration

French Christmas Facts 3: the Christmas celebration in eastern and northern France

The people living in eastern and northern France have different habit when celebrating Christmas. They have the celebration on 6th December. The most vital holidays in Christmas season celebrated by the French people include la fête des Rois and la fête de Saint Nicolas.

French Christmas Facts 4: la Fête de lumières

La Fête de lumières is another celebration by the people living in Lyon.  This occasion is celebrated in la Fête de lumières. This holiday is marked by putting the candles in the window to make the city lightened. It was used to celebrate the Virgin Mary.

French Christmas Facts

French Christmas Facts

French Christmas Facts 5: la fête des Rois

La fête des Rois usually is celebrated on 6th of January in some parts of France. However, it sometimes is celebrated on 1st January in the first Sunday.

French Christmas Facts 6: French children

French children hope to get the gift from Pre Noel or Papa Noel so they will put the shoes in front of the fireplace. Sometimes the shoes are hung on the tree. They will be filled with small toys, nuts, fruit and candy.

French Christmas Feats

French Christmas Feats

French Christmas Facts 7: bad children

In some regions of France, it is believed that the bad children will get spanking room Père Fouettard.  This belief is equivalent with Santa Claus giving coal to the bad children.

French Christmas Facts 8: Le pain calendar

Le pain calendal was a Christmas loaf made by the people in southern France.  It will be given to the poor people.

French Christmas Pic

French Christmas Pic

French Christmas Facts 9: La bûche de Noël

La bûche de Noël is a favorite desert during the Christmas season. It is made with chocolate and chestnuts. This log shaped cake is for a pagan gaul celebration.

French Christmas Facts 10: The sapin de Noël

The main Christmas decoration that you can see in France is the sapin de Noël. You can see this décor on the factories, shops, streets, home and shops. This decoration has been used in France in 1837.

french christmas

french Christmas

The Christmas tree is decorated with ribbons, paper flowers, apples and many more. Do you have any opinion on facts about French Christmas.

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