10 Interesting Hanukkah Facts

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Hanukkah facts give the fascinating ideas about one of the Jewish holiday celebrations. This Jewish Christmas was celebrated by most Jewish. Hanukkah day is very famous, but you need to know the difference between the Hanukkah and Christmas by seeing the following post below:

Hanukkah Facts 1: Hanukkah history

The celebration of Hanukkah began when the Jewish people fought against the Syrian armies and pushed them away from the Jerusalem. To celebrate the victory, they have the Hanukkah day.

Hanukkah Facts 2: popularity

In the past, this day was not really popular. It is only a minor day in Jewish people’s life. People began to love this day and celebrate it in the end of 1800s.

Hanukkah facts

Hanukkah facts

Hanukkah Facts 3: spelling of Hanukkah

Since the English alphabets cannot duplicate the Hebrew letters correctly, there are many spelling of this holiday. Don’t worry; all kinds of spelling of Hanukkah are correct.

Hanukkah Facts 4: date of celebration

The date for celebrating Hanukkah starts from 25th in the month of Kislev. It is one of the months in Hebrew calendar. It is not easy to define the date of the celebration since it can fall in different day and month since the candle uses the lunar system rather than the solar system.

Hanukkah Festive

Hanukkah Festive

Hanukkah Facts 5: culture for the celebration

In this Hanukkah day, the Jewish people will have the menorah. They will light the candles located on the candelabra. They will add one candle on each day for eight days of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Facts 6: gelt

Gelt is a part of Hanukkah celebration. The children will receive it during the celebration. It is a term used for money. The children will get their gift from parents on the eight nights.

Hanukkah Gathering

Hanukkah Gathering

Hanukkah Facts 7: dreidel

Dreidel is the most popular toy during the celebration of Hanukkah. This toy was very fun and nice. The one who can win the dreidel game will get candy.

Hanukkah Facts 8: Hanukkah foods

To remember the sacred oil, people enjoy the fried food during the Hanukkah day.

Hanukkah Pray

Hanukkah Pray

Hanukkah Facts 9: the popular food

The most popular foods during the Hanukkah day include Sufganiyto and Latkes.

Hanukkah Facts 10: family bound

Hanukkah day is used to tighten the family bound. People love to enjoy their time together while sharing or even dancing.



You need to know the pictures of Hanukkah celebration around the world. This holiday is very festive. Are you fascinated with facts about Hanukkah?

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