10 Interesting Emily Dickinson Facts

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Emily Dickinson facts are information related to this poet. She is so famous. There are many things you don’t know about her. Based on this, I want to provide several basics for you about her.

Emily Dickinson Facts 1: all-female seminary

Emily once was in all-female seminary. She later left the seminar. The reasons vary actually. Some people said that it was because homesickness. The others said that it was the poor health. There was also speculation because she feared the punishment from the Congregational church.

Emily Dickinson Facts 2: the engagement

There is a fact that she was engaged to George Gould. He was the student of Amherst College. The engagement turned bad because of Emily’s father. The reason was because George was only poor student. It means her father broke the engagement.

Emily Dickinson facts

Emily Dickinson facts

Emily Dickinson Facts 3: the affair

There was the time when she conducted an affair. It was with a married minister. The problem of her love story has made her to decide to withdraw from the society. It means that she was not an introvert in nature.

Emily Dickinson Facts 4: leaving Amherst

She left Amherst when she conducted trip to Boston. It was 12 years before she died. In fact, there was an eye doctor who recommended her not to write and read anymore. This info was unique.

Emily Dickinson pic

Emily Dickinson pic

Emily Dickinson Facts 5: Thomas Wentworth Higginson

She had good correspondence with Thomas Wentworth Higginson. He was the editor from Atlantic Monthly. They became best friends for lifelong. It was beautiful friendship actually.

Emily Dickinson Facts 6: the 7 poems

During her lifetime, she had only published seven poems. The unique fact is that mostly of the poems were anonymous. She even believed about the posthumous success.

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson Facts 7: Judge Otis Lord

Before she died, she gained a relationship with a Judge named Otis Lord. The Judge proposed Emily to do marriage. She refused the proposal because she thought that she didn’t suit him.

Emily Dickinson Facts 8:  independence in writing

People recognize her as anti-social. There were many speculations about it. The main reason perhaps was the need to write independently.

Emily Dickinson's home

Emily Dickinson’s home

Emily Dickinson Facts 9: the death

After her death, there were about 1,000 poems found within Emily’s bureau. The poems were founded by her sister. Later, she edited and makes three series of the poems.

Emily Dickinson Facts 10: Myth of Amherst

People gain reference of Emily as Myth of Amherst. Some also called her as Nun of Amherst and also Belle of Amherst.

Emily Dickinson's house

Emily Dickinson’s house

I hope the facts about Emily Dickinson above can help you find better info about Emily Dickinson. Are you satisfied with it?

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