10 Interesting Dmitri Mendeleev Facts

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If you like to study about chemistry, you need to know Dmitri Mendeleev facts. This man is a famous chemist in the world. Most of his inventions are beneficial for the life of the human being and the development of science in the world. Find out more ideas about him in the article below:

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 1: date of birth

Dmitri Mendeleev was born on 8th February 1834 in Tobolsk. No one knows that this baby someday became one of the greatest scientists in the world.

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 2: genius man

We know that people always associate a genius man with Albert Einstein. However, Dmitri Mendeleev is also a genius chemist. He was able to master the field of geology, meteorology and hydrodynamics.  He is included as the first class physicist.

Dmitri Mendeleev facts

Dmitri Mendeleev facts

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 3: chemical technology

There are many other disciplines that Mendeleev mastered when he was alive. You are wrong if you think that he is only good in the branch of chemical technology. He was good in physics, chemistry, and economy.

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 4: collection of data

Many scientists lay the research on their own data collection. It seems that Mendeleev had different approach when he conducted a research. He made contact with other scientists around the globe about the data that they had collected.

Dmitri Mendeleev Thinks

Dmitri Mendeleev Thinks

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 5: Nobel Prize

Just like another other greatest scientists in the world, Mendeleev got a Nobel Prize in chemistry. The credit for the inventor for the first periodic table of element made him got this prestigious achievement.

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 6: Md

If you look at the periodic table, you can see an element called 101 Md. It was Mendelevium. The name derived from Dmitri Mendeleev.

Dmitri Mendeleev Wallpaper

Dmitri Mendeleev Wallpaper

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 7: Physical appearance

It is so easy to determine his physical appearance. Since he always trimmed his hair once in a year, you can see that he had a long beard and hair.

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 8: Russian Chemical Society

One of the founding fathers of Russian Chemical Society was Dmitri Mendeleev. Through this organization, all of scientists living in US and Europe could communicate each other.

Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 9: publication

Organic Chemistry was his notorious publication. People can read it and get a lot of ideas about the organic chemistry. The publication made him get Domidov Prize. That’s why Mendeleev is considered as one of the important scientists in Russian chemical education.

Dmitri Mendeleev Facts 10: death

When Mendeleev reached the age of 72 years old, he passed away in Petersburg.



If you want to know how genius he is, you need to read his publications and books. You will know that he contributed much to the development of modern chemistry. Are you satisfied with facts about Dmitri Mendeleev?

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