10 Interesting Illegal Immigration Facts

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If you want to know the rate of the people living in America, see the illegal immigration facts.  America can be one of the main destinations of immigrants from all over the world. It gives a prospective future when people move to America due to the low economy status.  When you migrate to other countries, you need to be legal if you want to have a safe place. If you move illegally, it is risky. Here are the interesting facts about illegal immigration:

Illegal Immigration Facts 1: Undocumented Immigrants

In US, there are at least 11 million undocumented immigrants. The number is increasing because in 2000, there were only 8.5 undocumented immigrants.  The data are taken from the center of American progress.

Illegal Immigration Facts 2: Living in US

The undocumented immigrants living in US for about 7 year or more are estimated around 86 percent from the total IU in the country.

Illegal Immigration Facts

Illegal Immigration Facts

Illegal Immigration Facts 3: Country of Origin

Most illegal immigrants coming to US are from Latin America and Mexico. They leave the old country and want to purse a good living in US. Most of them are involved in a household field.

Illegal Immigration Facts 4: Employment

The main interest of illegal immigrants when moving to America lies on the employment. They need a good job which can change their life. In 2011, more than 327,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended by the Border Patrol agents.

Illegal Immigration Image

Illegal Immigration Image

Illegal Immigration Facts 5: Asian Countries

There only 9 percent of Asian people coming to US as illegal immigrants.

Illegal Immigration Facts 6: Other Countries

There are only 11 percent people who move to American as illegal immigrants from Africa, Canada and Europe.

Illegal Immigration Poster

Illegal Immigration Poster

Illegal Immigration Facts 7: Taxes

Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy presents the information that the undocumented immigrants pay the taxes around $11.2 billion in 2010.

Illegal Immigration Facts 8: Taxpayer-Provided Health Care

Center for Immigration Studies shows that $4.2 billion cash was used by the government to provide the healthcare for the uninsured illegal immigrants in 2010.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Facts 9: Poverty

Most illegal immigrants in US have low income. They also live in poverty.

Illegal Immigration Facts 10: Citizenship

Heritage Foundation estimates that $2.6 trillion cash is needed to locate 10 million illegal immigrants into a citizenship in 2007.

Illegal Immigrations

Illegal Immigrations

Most illegal immigrants who come to US have low education. To educate them, the annual cost is around $40 billion. This data are taken from the Center for immigration studies. Most immigrants choose New York, California, Illinois, Texas and Florida as a place to live. Do you have any question on facts about illegal immigrants?

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