10 Interesting Robert Fulton Facts

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You will be informed with the famous colony American inventor and engineer after reading Robert Fulton Facts. This man was born on 14 November in 1765 and passed away on 24 February 185. Clermont is the name of his commercially successful steamboat. He got the credit for it. Let’s find out more facts about Robert Fulton by reading the following post below:

Robert Fulton Facts 1: Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned Fulton to create he first practical submarine in the history. It is called Nautilus in 1800. Check out facts about Napoleon Bonaparte here.

Robert Fulton Facts 2: Clermont

Clermont was very famous in the world.   This steamboat reached Albany from New York in 62 hours. It departed the passengers to reach the distance of 300 miles.

Robert Fulton Pic

Robert Fulton Pic

Robert Fulton Facts 3: The British Royal Navy

Fulton is also famous as the inventor of the naval torpedoes.  They were used as the weapon for the British Royal Navy.

Robert Fulton Facts 4: the steam engines

In 1777, he used the steam engines on the steamboats. At that time, he was only 12 years old. He used the steamboat to visit William Henry of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When he visited England, he learned about the famous inventor James Watt and the Watt steam engine.

Robert Fulton Stamp

Robert Fulton Stamp

Robert Fulton Facts 5: place of birth

Fulton was born in Little Britain, Pennsylvania. He had a younger brother named Abraham and had three sisters. They were Isabella, Elizabeth and Mary.

Robert Fulton Facts 6: Benjamin West

Benjamin West was a close friend of his father.  He worked as a painter. When Fulton was in England, he met him and both became friends.

Robert Fulton facts

Robert Fulton facts

Robert Fulton Facts 7: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was very famous due to his writing abilities, but also his inventions.  Fulton met him when he was in Philadelphia. Get facts about Benjamin Franklin here.

Robert Fulton Facts 8: the first working submarine

The first working submarine that he made was called Nautiucal. It was designed around 1793 to 1797 when he lived in France. This submarine was tested for 17 minutes in 25 feet underwater.

Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton Facts 9: the permission

He got the permission to build this submarine after the fund for the construction of this submarine was granted by Minister of Marine in 1800. Actually his work was rejected twice by the government.

Robert Fulton Facts 10: places named after Robert Fulton

There are many places in United States named after Robert Fulton. Those include Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, California; Robert Fulton School, Philadelphia; Robert Fulton Highway, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and many more.

Robert Fulton Books

Robert Fulton Books


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