10 Interesting James Garfield Facts

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James Garfield facts are so much interesting to learn about. The facts below only become your basic in how to gain help from the knowledge to learn further about him. So, let’s discuss more about it here actually. I hope information below can be so much beneficial for any of you.

James Garfield Facts 1: southpaw

Basic fact is that James Garfield was a southpaw. He was the 1st left handed president actually. He was in fact the 1st ambidextrous president. He could write two different languages by using two hands. The languages were Greek and Latin.

James Garfield Facts 2: last of the log cabin

James Garfield was recognized to be the last of the log cabin presidents. Any of you need to know that he was the last of 7 presidents born in a log cabin.

James Garfield

James Garfield

James Garfield Facts 3: the mother

If it is about his fact, you need to know that his mother was the first president attending the son’s inauguration. It had become basic fact to learn about actually.

James Garfield Facts 4: 1881

In the year 1881, there were three presidents in the same year. James Garfield actually was one of those three presidents actually.

James Garfield Facts

James Garfield Facts

James Garfield Facts 5: preaching

James Garfield was recognized as the only president who had conducted preaching. He was in fact also the minister of Christian Church.

James Garfield Facts 6: German campaign

James Garfield was recognized to conduct campaign in Germany in multiple languages. He also often spoke in German-Americans when he encountered the trail of campaign.

James Garfield Image

James Garfield Image

James Garfield Facts 7: triangles

James Garfield actually was fond of triangles. It was the book published in the year 1940 containing 370 proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem.

James Garfield Facts 8:  Juggled Indian clubs

In order to be in shape and to gain muscles, he liked to do juggle in Indian clubs. It was popular exercise device during the late 19th and also early 20th century.

James Garfield Pic

James Garfield Pic

James Garfield Facts 9: election

He was actually uniquely elected as the Senator of Ohio. Before he had chosen to be the President of United States, he was only the member of House of Representatives.

James Garfield Facts 10: assassination

He was the second president to be assassinated after Alexander Graham Bell. Garfield died on 19 September 1881.

James Garfield President

James Garfield President

More and further facts about James Garfield can be obtained from different sources out there including internet. In this case, you can take much benefit from the facts to gain study about this person. There will be more unexpected trivia of him.

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