10 Interesting Charles Sturt Facts

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Charles Sturt facts are some useful information for you. Those facts are meaningful for people who recognize Charles Sturt. In order to find out further information, you can read them below. This is better than reviewing manually. The reason is because you don’t need to spend any energy.

Charles Sturt 1: birthplace

First fact about Charles Sturt is his birthplace. Captain Charles Sturt was born in India in 1795. It is the same year of the exploration of Australia coastline conducted by Bass and Flinders. It is only a coincidence about such same date.

Charles Sturt Facts 2: waterloo

Charles Sturt becomes famous because he involves in Great War. The war is against Napoleon’s army in Waterloo. He also fights such army in Spain as well. Although Napoleon’s army is very tough, Charles Sturt can deal with them.

Charles Sturt explorer

Charles Sturt explorer

Charles Sturt Facts 3: Australia

The ability of Charles Sturt in leading army has made him promoted to be a captain. The promotion is given by his commander. Later, he is sent to Australia to lead the regiment. The year of such order is in 1827.

Charles Sturt Facts 4: darling river

Captain Charles Sturt along with Hamilton Hume conducts investigation to the Macquarie River. They find a river which they name Darling River. They get in trouble because they cannot get any further. It is because of the terrible drought. Another reason is because of dried up streams.

Charles Sturt facts

Charles Sturt facts

Charles Sturt Facts 5: New South Wales

A famous found of Charles Sturt is related to New South Wales. He has proved that it was not giant inland sea. It means that people in the past time has obtained wrong interpretation about it.

Charles Sturt Facts 6: Murrumbidge

Darling has ordered Charles Sturt to conduct his next expedition. It was in the year 1829. Charles got an order to follow Murrumbidge area. In fact, it was firstly found by Hume and Hovell. The journey was considered to be dangerous. It is because of the rough streams.

Charles Sturt Pic

Charles Sturt Pic

Charles Sturt Facts 7: Murray River

In the expedition of Murrumbidge, Charles claimed that he found rougher and wilder river which he named Murray River. He said it is ten times more dangerous than Murrumbidge.

Charles Sturt Facts 8:  seagulls

One day in February 1830, Sturt saw seagulls which mean the ocean was near. Yet, what he found is Alexandrina Lake.

Charles Sturt Quotes

Charles Sturt Quotes

Charles Sturt Facts 9: 1500 km

When Sturt reached exhaustion, the total of journey he has travelled was 1500 km along with his crew.

Charles Sturt Facts 10: the death

He died in the year of 1869. Before, he had returned back to England in 1851.



Sturt was considered to be hero. It is because of his bravery to conduct investigation and exploration to inland area of Australia. Those facts about Charles Sturt are good enhancement for the knowledge.

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