10 Interesting Bulimia Facts

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Bulimia facts provide the information about one type of eating disorder. This eating problem is often faced by a woman who wants to be thin. This eating disorder is very serious because it is a life threatening problem if you always vomit the food that you have eaten. The women with bulimia have a sense of loss of control when over eating the food. They really concern with body weight and shape so that they perform inappropriate behaviors such as fasting, diuretic abuse, laxative or even self-infused vomiting. Here are the complete facts about bulimia:

Bulimia Facts 1: Binge Eating

You need to be aware with the sign of bulimia. If you perform binge eating, it can be a good sign that you have existence of container. It can indicate the consumption of much food in one time.

Bulimia Facts 2: Purging Behaviors

Another sign of bulimia is seen on the purging behavior. When you find a friend of yours have a frequent trip on the bathroom after eating food to vomit, she has a big chance of having bulimia.

bulimia and Food

bulimia and Food

Bulimia Facts 3: Swelling

You can also see the different look on the face. Most bulimia people have swelling on the jaw and cheeks area. You can also see the teeth look stained and discolored because of too much vomiting.

Bulimia Facts 4: Behaviors and Attitudes

The main factors that people can see related to the behaviors and attitudes of bulimia people are on the strict dieting, weight loss, and control of food.

Bulimia and Weight Loss

Bulimia and Weight Loss

Bulimia Facts 5: Health Consequences

There are many health consequences that the bulimia people have to face if they always promote the binge and purging behaviors. The heart beat will be infected because of the electrolyte imbalance. If this condition is severe, it can lead to heart failure and death.

Bulimia Facts 6: Electrolyte Imbalance

The main cause of Electrolyte imbalance in bulimia people is because of the loss of potassium, sodium and water from the body, it is due to the purging behavior performed by bulimia people.

Bulimia and Woman

Bulimia and Woman

Bulimia Facts 7: Frequent Vomiting

The bulimia people will always perform the frequent vomiting. It can create inflammation along the line of esophagus. Moreover, it can make your teeth decayed and stained because for the acid during the vomiting behavior.

Bulimia Facts 8: Laxative Abuse

Laxative abuse is a big nightmare for the bulimia people. It can lead into constipation and chronic irregular bowel movement.

Bulimia Facts

Bulimia Facts

Bulimia Facts 9: Woman with Bulimia Nervosa

It is estimated that the young adult women and adolescents are affected by bulimia nervosa in the rate for 1 till 2 percent. More than 80 percent of bulimia nervosa patients were female.

Bulimia Facts 10: Men with Bulimia Nervosa

You are wrong if you think that bulimia only affects female. There are at least 10 percent of men affected by this eating disorder.

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa

The main treatment that people should consider to get rid from bulimia nervosa is by recovering the state of eating. You need to have adequate or nutrition to keep your body healthy. Do you want to add opinion on facts about bulimia?

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