10 Interesting Lou Gehrig Facts

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Let me explain the famous American baseball first baseman in Lou Gehrig facts. Gehrig is an inspiration for the baseball player till today. He was a legend after he played well in 17 seasons for New York Yankees in Major Leagues Baseball from 1923 to 1939.  Here are the details facts about Gehrig for you:

Lou Gehrig Facts 1: life span

Lou Gehrig was born with the full name Henry Louis Gehrig. But he was famous with the nicknames of Lou or Buster. He was born on 19 June 1903. He passed away on June 2, 1941.

Lou Gehrig Facts 2: The iron horse

In the field, Lou was called as the Iron Horse. He was famous with his endurance, durability, and prowess as a hitter.

Lou Gehrig Baseball

Lou Gehrig Baseball

Lou Gehrig Facts 3: career

When he finished his career as a baseball man, he created great scores. He has a batting average of .340. Furthermore, he has 1,995 runs batted in, 493 home runs and a slugging percentage of .632.

Lou Gehrig Facts 4: achievement

As a baseball player, Lou Gehrig is a good player. He had earned numerous achievements, titles and awards. In 1943, he was the winner of Triple Crown. He was named six times World Series Champion and seven times All Star. He became the Most Valuable Player by American League twice.

Lou Gehrig Facts

Lou Gehrig Facts

Lou Gehrig Facts 5: uniform

The only baseball player who has the uniform number until the retirement was Gehrig. In 1939, his name was elected at the baseball Hall of fame.

Lou Gehrig Facts 6: Yankees

Gehrig jointed New York Yankees as a baseball baseman player in 1923.  He was native to New York City. During his career in Yankees, he set a record which cannot be broken until 56 years. In 1995, Cal Ripken Jr surpassed his record.

Lou Gehrig Image

Lou Gehrig Image

Lou Gehrig Facts 7: end of the career

Lou Gehrig had to end his career as a professional baseball player when he was only 36 years old. He suffered from amytorophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. Today people in North American call the disease as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Lou Gehrig Facts 8: retirement

His retirement is very dramatic and iconic.  He gave a speech at the original Yankee Stadium as a farewell to the baseball world.

Lou Gehrig Pic

Lou Gehrig Pic

Lou Gehrig Facts 9: Baseball Writers’ Association

In 1969, Baseball Writers’ Association voted him as the greatest first baseman of all time.

Lou Gehrig Facts 10: monument

To honor Gehrig’s contribution as a baseman player, the Yankees created a monument for him in 1941. You can see the monument located at Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. Find out another baseball player in Babe Ruth facts.

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig

Gehrig’s name is also used by MLB as an award for the baseball player. It is called The Lou Gehrig Memorial Award. Are you fascinated with facts about Lou Gehrig?

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