10 Interesting Guy Sebastian Facts

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Guy Sebastian facts can be the additional information to learn about his biography. It can be said that this person has provided huge inspiration for people. By reading the facts, it can become very useful for any of you to learn about.

Guy Sebastian Facts 1: birth

He was born on 26 October 1981. It was in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. His father was also born in Malaysia. He actually was the descent of Sri Lankan Tamil which is distant colonial Portuguese roots. His mother is from English and Portuguese descent.

Guy Sebastian Facts 2: brothers

He had older brother named Ollie who was born in India. He also had younger brothers named Jeremy and Chris who were born in Australia. It was the time after the family migrated in 1988 there.

Guy Sebastian Cute

Guy Sebastian Cute

Guy Sebastian Facts 3: childhood

In his childhood, he took violin lessons and also formal musical instruments such as drums, piano, and also guitar. It was very great quality of talents which he could perform in his childhood. There are few people who already notice about this.

Guy Sebastian Facts 4: Paradise Community Church

He once attended Paradise Community Church. It was Assemblies of God church and also one of the largest churches in Australia. He later became one of the main worship singers. He also sang with the quality group and also became the lead focal.

Guy Sebastian facts

Guy Sebastian facts

Guy Sebastian Facts 5: Australian Idol

He successfully auditioned for Australian Idol in May 2003. He sang Ribbon in the Sky of Stevie Wonder. He later progressed through the Idol series and established a strong fan base. He was famous because of his hairstyle.

Guy Sebastian Facts 6: highest selling album

This person had ever successfully gained highest selling album ARIA Award nomination for Beautiful Life. He was named as the state finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards.

Guy Sebastian Singer

Guy Sebastian Singer

Guy Sebastian Facts 7: tribute album

He recorded tribute album of soul classics. It was in Memphis, Tennessee along with Stax musicians who also played and wrote some original songs. The album was recorded at Ardent Studios.

Guy Sebastian Facts 8:  Malaysia

He actually was born in Malaysia. It was ironic the first Australia Idol wasn’t born in Australia. It had the positive thing that Australia is multicultural.

Guy Sebastian tatoos

Guy Sebastian tattoos

Guy Sebastian Facts 9: Medical radiation

He had dropped out from University in order to become a singing teacher. He once studied about Medical Radiation.

Guy Sebastian Facts 10: Kelly Cavuoto

There was other contestant come from Adelaide.  The name is Kelly Cavuoto.

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

The facts about Guy Sebastian above can really help you to understand about him right? This become so much beneficial to find out what you don’t know about this idol.

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