10 Interesting Meath Facts

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Meath Facts provide the information about the royal country in Ireland.  In the past, Meath was used as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The ruling region is located in the Hill of Tara. If you want to find out the condition of the old and present Meath, look at the following post below:

Meath Facts 1: World Designated Heritage Sites

There is one place in Ireland included in World Designated Heritage Sites. It is the passage tombs of Brú na Bóinne. The age of these tombs is 500 years older than the pyramids in Egypt.

Meath Facts 2: race

If you love to race game, you can go to Meath. The only official stan race in European continent is conducted in Laytown Beach, Meath every year. Another racing can be seen at the Hill of Crockaftoha, Bellewstown.  It has been a tradition for the Meath people to have a race in the hill dated back 2000 years ago.

Meath Facts

Meath Facts

Meath Facts 3: province

In the past, Meath was called as the fifth province in Ireland. It was named Mide. Find out more provinces in Ireland facts.

Meath Facts 4: Trim Castle

One of the famous places to visit when you are in Meath was Trim Castle. You can find the hill and building in the popular movie Braveheart. Trim Castle is called as the largest Anglo normal castle in Ireland.

Meath Ireland

Meath Ireland

Meath Facts 5: sports

Once, Ireland had its own Olympic games.  It could be traced back 3,000 years ago.  The mystical young warrior fought in the games such as chariots races, boxing, wrestling, and swimming.

Meath Facts 6: Battle of the Boyne site

There are many interesting and historic sites that you can find in Meath. You can visit Battle of the Boyne site. It is the site where many troops came here for the battle. The site is located in Oldbridge.

Meath Pic

Meath Pic

Meath Facts 7: Irish speaking regions

Do you know that the only county in Leinster which has two Irish speaking regions or Gaeltachts is Meath? The regions are Baile Ghib and Rathcairn.

Meath Facts 8: the first university in Ireland

The first University in Ireland in located in Meath. It was established in 6th century. There were 3,000 students coming from Germany, France, British Isles and Ireland to study in the university.

Meath Trim Castle

Meath Trim Castle

Meath Facts 9: Halloween festival

The festival of Halloween celebrated every October in the county is considered as one of the important festivals in Meath. This tradition was dated back 200 AD when the pagans celebrated the Celtic festival at the Hill of Ward.

Meath Facts 10: Solheim Cup

Solheim Cup was an event held at Killeen Castle, Meath in 2011.  There were 100,000 spectators in the competition pits between the United States and European players.



Based on 2011 census, Meath was a home of 184,135 people. The local authority of this country is located in Meath County council. Do you want to give more ideas on facts about Meath?

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