10 Interesting the Erie Canal Facts

Tuesday, May 17th 2016. | Transportation

The Erie Canal Facts talk about a canal located in New York. Erie Canal is significant in New York because it is included in New York State Canal System. In the past, people called the system as New York State Barge Canal. If you look at the original construction of Erie Canal, it had the length at 584 kilometer or 363 miles. The location of this canal is at Lake Erie. Check other interesting facts about Erie Canal below:

The Erie Canal Facts 1: the purpose of Erie Canal

The construction of Erie Canal was conducted because the people wanted to establish a water route. It would connect New York City to Great Lakes. In 1817, Erie Canal was started to construct even though the construction was proposed in 1807.

The Erie Canal Facts 2: the elevation differential

The elevation differential is measured around 172 meter or 565 feet. There are 36 locks that Erie Canal has.

The Erie Canal Pic

The Erie Canal Pic

The Erie Canal Facts 3: the opening of Erie Canal

On 26th October 1825, Erie Canal was opened for the first time.

The Erie Canal Facts 4: the bulk good transportation

Before the railway was installed in the area, the water route was considered as the most affordable way for the people to transport their bulk good. At that time, the limited bulk good on transport was 113 kilogram or 250 pounds.

The Erie Canal Facts

The Erie Canal Facts

The Erie Canal Facts 5: the first transportation system

As I have stated before, Erie Canal was built to connect New York City as the eastern seaboard to Greek Lakes as western interior.

The Erie Canal Facts 6: the economical purpose

Due to the construction of Erie Canal, the transportation cost was reduced up to 95 percent. Compared to the transportation using draft animals to pull carts, Erie Canal offered faster transportation.

The Erie Canal Images

The Erie Canal Images

The Erie Canal Facts 7: the expansion

In 1834 and 1862, Erie Canal was expanded. In 1855, Erie Canal was in its golden age. At that time, there were 33,000 commercial shipments using Erie Canal. Get facts about Panama Canal here.

The Erie Canal Facts 8: Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor was designated by United States Congress in 2000. The building was honored because of its national significance.

The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal Facts 9: the recreational traffic

Erie Canal was used for recreational purpose since 1990s. However, the cargo traffic was still spotted. Get facts about Channel Tunnel here.

The Erie Canal Facts 10: the commercial shipments in 2008

In 2008, the commercial shipment in Erie Canal rose again.  At that time, there were 42 shipments.

The Erie Canal Pictures

The Erie Canal Pictures

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