10 Interesting Helicopter Facts

Thursday, March 20th 2014. | Transportation

Helicopter facts are useful to read for the people who want to increase the knowledge about the air transportation. In the past, people were skeptical that air can be used as a medium for transportation. But now everything is possible for scientists and engineers can create planes and helicopters. Find out about helicopter facts in the post below:

Helicopter Facts 1: spinning

You can differentiate the helicopter with the rests of other transportation such as plane or rocket from the rotor. A helicopter usually is smaller than a plane. It can take four to five people.

Helicopter Facts 2: the helicopter root

The way that the helicopter stops is very unique. Even though the engine of the helicopter has stopped, the rotor is still spinning. Therefore, the helicopter comes down on the land.

Helicopter facts

Helicopter facts

Helicopter Facts 3: a safe air transportation

Compared to a plane, using a helicopter is safer. It is due to the fact that this mean of transportation can slow down even though the weather is very bad. The pilot of this helicopter can make it fly sideways, backward or even stop easily.

Helicopter Facts 4: the usage of helicopter

Helicopter has been used to save many people lives in the world. During the wartime and peacetime operation, this transportation is very easy to use to save the people who get stuck in a disaster and war. Since 1944, it had saved 3 million people.

Helicopter Military

Helicopter Military

Helicopter Facts 5: military helicopter

In the world, helicopter is included as a military transportation. It is estimated that more than 45,000 helicopters are used for the military service.

Helicopter Facts 6: civil helicopter

Actually there are many kinds of helicopters owned by individual person or even corporate for various purposes. In US,   it is the home to 11,000 civil helicopters.

Helicopter Resque

Helicopter Resque

Helicopter Facts 7: the fastest helicopter

The record of the fastest helicopter is taken by the Westland Lynx.   On August 6th, 1986, it flew on the sky with the speed 402 km per hour.

Helicopter Facts 8: civil helicopter in the world

In the world, there are 15,000 civil helicopters in more than 157 countries.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Facts 9: flying across the ocean

The most fascinating feature of a helicopter is the ability of this transportation to fly across the ocean. This condition can be applied if the helicopter is filled with extra fuel.

Helicopter Facts 10: Russian Mil Mi-12 Homer

Russian Mil Mi-12 Homer is considered as the biggest helicopter in the world. It can take the weight around 40,204 kilogram in the height up to 2255 in 1968.



If you have a lot of money, you can purchase a small helicopter and become an avid pilot. Do you have any question on facts about helicopter?

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