10 Interesting the Channel Tunnel Facts

Wednesday, March 23rd 2016. | Transportation

Let’s find out the rail tunnel located on The Channel Tunnel Facts. This tunnel connects Folkestone, Kent, UK to Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais northern France. The rail tunnel is situated below the English Channel at Dover Strait. If you compare it with other tunnels in the world, it has the longest undersea area. The depth of the lowest point of Channel Tunnel is at 250 feet or 75 meter. Get other interesting facts about channel tunnel below:

The Channel Tunnel Facts 1: the speed limit

Do you know the speed limit in Channel Tunnel? It is 99 miles per hour or 160 km per hour.

The Channel Tunnel Facts 2: the passenger trains

Do you know that the Eurostar passenger trains are carried in Channel Tunnel? The trains are in high speed. The road vehicles in Channel Tunnel are Eurotunnel Shuttle.

Facts about The Channel Tunnel

Facts about The Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel Facts 3: the railway lines

The railway lines in the Channel Tunnel links LGV Nord and High Speed 1. In the end of 19th century, there was an attempt to create the tunnel.

The Channel Tunnel Facts 4: Eurotunnel

In 1988, the construction of the tunnel began. Eurotunnel organized the project. In 1994, the tunnel was opened for public.

The Channel Tunnel Pictures

The Channel Tunnel Pictures

The Channel Tunnel Facts 5: the predicted budget for Channel Tunnel

The project covered 80 percent of the estimated budget for it took £4.65 billion. There have been some problems since the first construction of the tunnel. The operation of the tunnel was disrupted by the presence of cold weather and fires.

The Channel Tunnel Facts 6: the immigrants

The problems related to the illegal immigrants also arose during the operation of the tunnel. They tried to reach United Kingdom by using the tunnel.

The Channel Tunnel Pic

The Channel Tunnel Pic

The Channel Tunnel Facts 7: the communication systems

You can find three communication systems in Channel Tunnel. Those were Shuttle internal radio, track-to-train radio and concession radio.

The Channel Tunnel Facts 8: the end of the service

The service of the communication systems ended after a year after the first opening. It was due to the difficulty of the drivers to set their radio in the right frequency. Check facts about hot air balloon here.

The Channel Tunnel Image

The Channel Tunnel Image

The Channel Tunnel Facts 9: the ventilation system

The Channel Tunnel has the ventilation system. It is used to maintain the air pressure of the tunnel. Get facts about Indian Railway here.

The Channel Tunnel Facts 10: the terminal sites

There are two terminal sites of Channel Tunnel. One is located at Coquelles, France. Another one is located at Cheriton, United Kingdom.

The Channel Tunnel Facts

The Channel Tunnel Facts

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