10 Interesting the Suez Canal Facts

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The Suez Canal Facts tell you about the artificial waterway located in Egypt. The Isthmus of Suez links Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. In 1859 until 1869, the Suez Canal Company constructed the Suez Canal.  The official opening for Suez Canal was on 17 November 1869 after it took 10 years for constructing the canal. Here are other interesting facts about Suez Canal below:

The Suez Canal Facts 1: the benefit of Suez Canal

Suez Canal offers a great deal of benefit for it decreases the journey around 4,300 miles or 7,000 km for the ships can avoid the southern Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean. They can reach Mediterranean and Red Seas when the ships have the journey in north Indian and North Atlantic oceans. Get facts about the London Underground here.

The Suez Canal Facts 2: the extension of Suez Canal

Suez Canal spans from the southern terminus of Port Tewfik and northern terminus of Port Said.

suez canal

suez canal

The Suez Canal Facts 3: the length of Suez Canal

Suez Canal has the length of 120.11 miles or 193.30 kilometer.

The Suez Canal Facts 4: the number of vessels

Every single day, Suez Canal was traversed by 47 vessels in 2012. The total vessels traversed in the canal were 17,225 units.

suez canal pic

suez canal pic

The Suez Canal Facts 5: the features of Suez Canal

The locations passed by the canal include the Great Bitter Lake and Ballah Bypass. The seawater flows freely in Suez Canal due to the non-lock system.

The Suez Canal Facts 6: the Bitter Lakes

During the summer season, the canal north of Bitter Lake will flow to the south. It will flow to the north during winter season.

suez canal facts

suez canal facts

The Suez Canal Facts 7: the maintenance and ownership of Suez Canal

SCA of Egypt or Suez Canal Authority maintains and owns Suez Canal. Check facts about the Erie Canal here.

The Suez Canal Facts 8: the Convention of Constantinople

Suez Canal is allowed to use in a time of peace, or even war based on the Convention of Constantinople.

suez canal 1881

suez canal 1881

The Suez Canal Facts 9: the original size of the canal

The depth and length of canal were 26 feet and 100 miles respectively, by the time it was built. Now it has the width of 673 feet, depth of 79 feet and length of 120.11 miles after it was enlarged.

The Suez Canal Facts 10: New Suez Canal

On 6 August 2015, the New Suez Canal, which has been enlarged, was officially functional.

facts about suez canal

facts about suez canal

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