10 Interesting Space Shuttles Facts

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Space Shuttles Facts present the interesting information about a mean of transportation used by the people to travel to the outer space. Not all people can ride the space shuttles. The astronauts can ride it for it is their jobs to explore orbit of earth and space. Check more interesting facts about space shuttles by reading the below post:

Space Shuttles Facts 1: NASA

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is operated by United States. The reusable low earth orbital spacecraft system was operated by NASA.

Space Shuttles Facts 2: the reusable spacecraft

The reusable spacecraft was a plan proposed by NASA in 1969. Space Transportation System was the official name of the program.

Facts about Space Shuttle

Facts about Space Shuttle

Space Shuttles Facts 3: the test flights

There were four orbital test flights for the reusable space shuttles by NASA. In 1981, the first space shuttle orbital test flight was conducted. In 1982, the operational flight was started.

Space Shuttles Facts 4: the missions

In 1981 until 2011, there were 135 missions completed by using space shuttles. Kennedy Space Center, Florida is the site for launching space shuttles.

Space Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttles Facts 5: the operational missions

There were various interplanetary probes, satellites and HST or Hubble Space telescope launched in the operational missions. The main purposes were to service the international space station and conduct researches and experiment in the earth’s orbit. Check facts about space travel here.

Space Shuttles Facts 6: the total mission of space shuttle

Let’s find out the total mission of space shuttles. It completed 1322 days, 19 hours, 21 minutes and 23 seconds.

Space Shuttle Picture

Space Shuttle Picture

Space Shuttles Facts 7: the launch

The launch of space shuttle is similar with the conventional rocket. Both have the vertical launch. There are several components of space shuttle. Those include ET/ expendable external tank, SRBs/ a pair of recoverable solid rocket boosters and OV/ Orbiter Vehicle. The liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are used in the external tank.

Space Shuttles Facts 8: the weather criteria

Before the launch of space shuttles, there are several weather criteria considered by the officials. The cloud cover, temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, and lighting forecast are important to note. Get facts about space here.

Space Shuttles Facts

Space Shuttles Facts

Space Shuttles Facts 9: lighting

The lightning forecast is important to note when the people want to launch space shuttle. If there is a possibility that the shuttle will be struck by lightning, the shuttle will not be launched.

Space Shuttles Facts 10: the popular culture

Space shuttle has been a subject in various nonfictions and fictions. Moonraker is James Bond movie in 1979 which featured space shuttle.

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

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