10 Interesting Indian Railway Facts

Monday, April 7th 2014. | Transportation

Indian Railway facts provide the ideas about one of the main infrastructures that you can find in India. If you visit India, you can see many stations here because train is considered as one of the most vital means of transportation. Most of the railways were built long time ago. Here are the fascinating facts to know about the Indian railway:

Indian Railway Facts 1: trains

Every day, there are 143,000 trains passing the railways in India. The distance that these trains can cover is similar with the 3.5 distance to the moon.

Indian Railway Facts 2: the first train

The first train that the Indian people had passes the railways located between Thane and Bombay. The first train was operated on April 16th 1853.

Indian Railway Facts

Indian Railway Facts

Indian Railway Facts 3: employees

With the high demand of train ticket, there are 1,55 million employees that the Indian railway have.

Indian Railway Facts 4: track

What about the track of the Indian railway? It has at least 63,028 route kilometers. It will be easy for you to travel between the cities in India by riding a train.

Indian Railway Image

Indian Railway Image

Indian Railway Facts 5: trains

The trains that Indian railways operated each day are 14,300. The number of the railways stations that Indian railways have is around 7,000.

Indian Railway Facts 6: passengers

Every day, the Indian trains can carry more than 1.3 million tones of goods and 13 million people.

Indian Railway Pic

Indian Railway Pic

Indian Railway Facts 7: the railways bridge

Sometimes the railways are not only located on the land, but the railways have to cross the river. In India, the longest Railways Bridge is located in Nehru Setu. It passes Sone River.

Indian Railway Facts 8: stations

There are several stations in Indian passing the State lines. Bhawani Mandi is the station passing Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Navapur is the station passing Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Indian Railway Train

Indian Railway Train

Indian Railway Facts 9: the longest platform

Are you curious about the longest platform located in India?  It has the length of 2,733 feet. It is located at Kharagpur.

Indian Railway Facts 10: locomotives

Most of the locomotives that the Indian railways have are created and constructed by Chittaranjan Locomtoive Works, Chittaranjan.

Indian Railway

Indian Railway

If you want to know the history of the Indian railway and locomotive, you can go to New Delhi and visit the national Railway Museum. What do you think on facts about Indian railway?

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