10 Interesting Sally Ride Facts

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Sally Ride Facts talk about the famous astronaut in the world. She is famous as the first American woman in space.  She was born on 26 May 1951 in Encino, California. She passed away on 23 July 2012 in La Jolla, California. Here are other facts that you can learn from Sally Ride:

Sally Ride Facts 1: parents

Let’s talk about her parents first. Her mother was a counselor for the women in prison. His father was a political science professor named Dale. Karen was his sister. She was her only sibling in the family.

Sally Ride Facts 2: a bright student

Sally was a bright student when she was in her school age. She loved to study math and science. She also loved sport. There is no need to wonder that she is one of the top ranked tennis players in America at that time.

Sally Ride Facts

Sally Ride Facts

Sally Ride Facts 3: a professional tennis player

Sally thought that she would become a professional tennis player when she graduated from high school.  Then she realized that tennis was not for her. Thus, she gave up playing tennis.

Sally Ride Facts 4: the higher education

After she gave up tennis, she went to Stanford University in California. She graduated by earning the bachelor’s degree in English and physics. She pursued higher education by earning masters and a Ph.D. in physics.

Sally Ride NASA

Sally Ride NASA

Sally Ride Facts 5: how did she become an astronaut?

Sally saw an ad in newspaper that NASA searched for an astronaut.  She was interested and responded the ad by applying this job.  There were 25 people hired from 8,000 applicants. Sally was one of the hired people. Find out a male astronaut in facts about Neil Armstrong.

Sally Ride Facts 6: training

She was trained to become an astronaut at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. There were many physical tests that she had to face such as the parachute jumping, weightlessness training, scuba and treading water in heavy flight suit and other water trainings.

Sally Ride Pic

Sally Ride Pic

Sally Ride Facts 7: an expert

With high education that she had, she was selected as an expert in space travel. She also got the big responsibility in the Space Shuttle for the all controls.

Sally Ride Facts 8: the first assignment

She was not involved with any out space flight in her first assignment.

Sally Ride Young

Sally Ride Young

Sally Ride Facts 9: the first woman on space

Sally Ride took the record as the first woman on space after she was qualified as an astronaut in 1979. On 18 June 1983, she got this record as a mission specialist. Check Kalpana Cawla facts to know another female astronaut.

Sally Ride Facts 10: another flight

In 1984, she had another flight on space with her 7 crew members. It lasted for 197 hours.

Sally Ride

Sally Ride

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