10 Interesting Leprechaun Facts

Friday, June 13th 2014. | Mythology

Leprechaun facts give the details about the one of the magical creatures in the world. People believe that it spread on Ireland in the past. The existence of leprechaun is still subject to question until this present. Some people believe that it exists, but others do not believe it. Juts let’s find out facts about leprechaun by reading the post below:

Leprechaun Facts 1: leprechaun legend

The legend of leprechaun can be traced in 18th century tales. You can find the word luchorpan. The meaning is small body.  The tales explains about the water spirit.

Leprechaun Facts 2: household fairy

The legend also states that leprechaun was a mischievous household fairy.  The main jobs of this creature are drinking heavily and haunting cellars.

Leprechaun Facts

Leprechaun Facts

Leprechaun Facts 3: shoemakers

It is a surprising fact to know that leprechaun was a shoemaker. Some people believe that the word leprechaun was derived from leath bhrogan in Irish words. The meaning is shoemaker. Check Ireland facts here.

Leprechaun Facts 4: lucky person

Leprechaun can bring good luck for the people who can capture the magical creature according to the Irish legend. Leprechaun will serve you with three wishes as barter for his freedom. But you need to be careful because leprechaun is tricky.

Leprechaun Pic

Leprechaun Pic

Leprechaun Facts 5: a tricky figure

Even though you can get luck by holding and capturing leprechaun, you need to be aware with his tricky character.  The creature is not easy to trust.  Other types of magical creatures that you cannot trust include goblins, fairies and spirits.

Leprechaun Facts 6: sound

Each creature has distinctive sound. You can get the sound of tap tapping of a tiny cobbler hammer as the leprechaun walks.

Leprechaun Real

Leprechaun Real

Leprechaun Facts 7: male creature

In a book with the title Fairy Legend in 1825 states that Leprechaun is solitary and male. It seems that you will never find any female leprechaun.

Leprechaun Facts 8: physical appearance

Are you curios with the physical appearance of leprechaun? This male creature wore bulked shoes and dressed in green color.    It may smoke a pipe and wore a pointed hat or cap.



Leprechaun Facts 9: clothing

Not all of leprechaun dressed in green clothing. Some books states that leprechaun probably dressed in red clothing.

Leprechaun Facts 10: Lucky the Leprechaun

Lucky the Leprechaun is considered as the most popular leprechaun. He was the mascot in General Mills breakfast cereal Lucky Charms.

Leprechaun Money

Leprechaun Money

Even though leprechaun is only a legend, it tells people not be a greed person who wants to be rich in seconds by using the luck from Leprechauns. Do you have questions on facts about Leprechaun?

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