10 Interesting Hammurabi Facts

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Hammurabi facts give the information about the first king in Babylon.  He was born circa 1810 BC in Babylon. People know him as the creator of the Hammurabi’s code. The code contains the rules and laws that maintain the Babylon people. Here are the facts about Hammurabi:

Hammurabi Facts 1: reign

If you study the history, Hammurabi should be learned. This man was the king in Babylon from 1792 to 1759 BC. He was famous with his code of law. It is called the Hammurabi’s code.

Hammurabi Facts 2: date of birth

It was the Mesopotamian city state of Babylon that Hammurabi was born in 1810 BC. His father was the king of Babylon named Sin-Muballit.

Hammurabi Code

Hammurabi Code

Hammurabi Facts 3: youth of Hammurabi

Many experts cannot decide the youth of Hammurabi.  Talking about his education, he went to tablet house. It was a school for the crown prince of Babylon.

Hammurabi Facts 4: education

As a crown prince, he had a good education. At that time, he learned much about the great leaders of Mesopotamia and also the Babylonian gods. In term of military, he was able to fight. He always observed the skill of his father to rule the country.

Hammurabi Facts

Hammurabi Facts

Hammurabi Facts 5: becoming a king

Hammurabi’s father was very sick when he was 18 years old. The young Hammurabi was crowned as a king of Babylon after the death of his father.

Hammurabi Facts 6: a small kingdom

Babylon is a small kingdom. People barely noticed the kingdom when Hammurabi became the king at the first time.

Hammurabi Pic

Hammurabi Pic

Hammurabi Facts 7: big kingdoms

There were many big kingdoms that you cannot compare with Babylon. Those included Larsa, Assyria, Eshnunna, and Mari.

Hammurabi Facts 8: improvement of Babylon

Hammurabi was a very confident and hardworking. He liked to improve the area of Babylon. The infrastructure and defense mechanism of this country was improved so that the people felt peace and safe. There were many new temples built by Hammurabi to worship the gods.

Hammurabi Story

Hammurabi Story

Hammurabi Facts 9: war

Hammurabi had done a good job when the powerful kingdom at that time, Elam invaded Babylon and other kingdoms. At first, he wanted Larsa to ally with him, but it never did. Without any help from other kingdoms, he could fight against Elam.

Hammurabi Facts 10: Larsa

Hammurabi felt betrayed by Larsa because the kingdom did not help him to fight Elam. To revenge on their bad attitude, Hammurabi invaded Larsa.



So with his power and great tactic, Hammurabi became the leader in Mesopotamia. He was called as the king of the four quarter of the world with his first Babylonian empire. Are you fascinated with facts about Hammurabi?

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