10 Interesting Denzel Washington Facts

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Denzel Washington facts provide the information about one of the biggest actors in Hollywood industries. This man can be seen as the leading cast in the Book of Eli, Training Day and other kinds of movies. The Oscar winning actor got his academy award as the best actor in his performance of Training Day. Find out more about him in the post below:

Denzel Washington Facts 1: religion

Washington is a very religious man. He stated that one day he wanted to be a preacher. His father worked as a Pentecostal minister.

Denzel Washington Facts 2: Empire magazine

Empire magazine editor includes him as one of the top 100 sexiest stars in 1995. Definitely Washington was very surprised with the list. Probably he thought that he was not sexy.

Denzel Washington and Family

Denzel Washington and Family

Denzel Washington Facts 3: children

Washington had four children. They are Katie, John David, Malcolm and Olivia. His last son’s name was derived from the name of Malcolm X, an African American activist.

Denzel Washington Facts 4: Malcolm X

It seems that Washington is a fan of Malcolm X. Thus, he named his son Malcolm X. This man had portrayed the character of Malcolm X twice. You can see him as a Malcolm X in When the Chickens Came Home to Roost. It was a theater production. Another film is Malcolm X by Spike Lee.

Denzel Washington and Wife

Denzel Washington and Wife

Denzel Washington Facts 5: education

Washington is a very educated man. He got BA from Fordham University in the major of Journalism.

Denzel Washington Facts 6: Boys and Girls Clubs of America

He is also involved in various kinds of organization. One of them is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He is considered as the spokeperson of the organization when he raised his fame.

Denzel Washington facts

Denzel Washington facts

Denzel Washington Facts 7: Se7en

Se7en is one of the biggest films in the history.  In 1995, the main role of the movie was offered to Washington.  But he rejected. The main lead then was given to the handsome actor Brad Pitt. I don’t whether he was regretted or not.

Denzel Washington Facts 8: Courage Under Fire

Being an actor needs hard work. To make him perform well in his movie Courage Under Fire, he had to follow the rigorous training. He went to national training center in Port Irwin.

Denzel Washington Magazine Cover

Denzel Washington Magazine Cover

Denzel Washington Facts 9: Julia Roberts

One of her best friends is Julia Roberts.

Denzel Washington Facts 10: Dreamgirls

In 2006, Washington was expected to play Curtis Taylor Junior in the move Dreamgirls. However, he lost the role since it was grabbed by Jamie Foxx.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

There are many kinds of movies that this man has done in his life. If you want to know his wonderful skill, you need to watch Déjà Vu, The Bone Collector, or even Training Day. Are you interested to find  out more on facts about Denzel Washington?

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