10 Interesting Franklin Pierce Facts

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Franklin Pierce facts are little information related to this former president of United States. Some people often hear about this person. Yet, they don’t know about facts related to him indeed. So, let’s learn better here actually. I hope this is useful for you.

Franklin Pierce Facts 1: the born

He was born in November 23 in 1804. It was in New Hampshire. He was actually one of 8 children of his parents. He was also the first president of United States who born in 19th century. His father also involved in government actually.

Franklin Pierce Facts 2: Barbara Bush

There was a former first lady named Barbara Bush. She is related to Franklin Pierce distantly. She was the mother of two United States presidents. Do you know about it?

Franklin Pierce Coin

Franklin Pierce Coin

Franklin Pierce Facts 3: law study

Pierce once studied law at Bowdoin College. It was in Massachusetts. He studied along with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Hawthorne who become famous as American writers in 19th century. Hawthorne even wrote biography about Pierce in 1852.

Franklin Pierce Facts 4: cheese

France is also famous of the cheese. There are more than 300 different types of cheese produced in France. It means any cheese lovers can fulfill their appetite here.

Franklin Pierce Facts

Franklin Pierce Facts

Franklin Pierce Facts 5: youngest congressman in Washington

After leaving college, he entered politic career. In the first time, he served within state legislature in New Hampshire. In fact, he was the youngest congressman in Washington in the age of 27 years old.

Franklin Pierce Facts 6: Jane Appleton

There was a woman named Jane Appleton. He met with her and later married her. From the marriage, they had two children. First two children died because of illnesses. Later they had he third child which also was killed within train accident.

Franklin Pierce Old Pic

Franklin Pierce Old Pic

Franklin Pierce Facts 7: military serving

Pierce once served in military during the war of Mexican-American. He suffered severe leg injury from the war.

Franklin Pierce Facts 8:  presidential election

In 1852, he won any states except 4 states during the presidential election. Any electors considered him as dashing and also handsome.

Franklin Pierce Stamp

Franklin Pierce Stamp

Franklin Pierce Facts 9: the oath

He chose to swear his oath on a law book instead of law book during his inauguration. The reason is unknown.

Franklin Pierce Facts 10: alcoholic person

It is true that he was alcoholic person. It may result in liver failure within the year 1869. He was buried beside his three sons and also his wife who had died in 1863.

Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce

Getting facts about Franklin Pierce is important for people. Especially any US citizens, they need to know mostly about this person.

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