10 Interesting Emily Rodda Facts

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Emily Rodda facts give you the information about Jennifer June Rowe. This Australian author has the pseudonym of Emily Rodda. She used her own name Jennifer June Rowe when she published her crime fiction for adult. Her pseudonym name was used in her children’s books. Get to know more about her below:

Emily Rodda Facts 1: date of birth

Emily Rodda was born with the name Jennifer June Rowe on April 2nd, 1948. She actually had one more pseudonym name of Mary-Anne Dickinson.

Emily Rodda Facts 2: fame

This woman is famous as a writer for children’s booked fantasy. You can see her working style by reading The Three Doors trilogy, The Rondo Trilogy, Rowan of Rin, Deltora Quest, Teen Power Inc., and, Fairy Realm.

Emily Rodda Facts

Emily Rodda Facts

Emily Rodda Facts 3: family life

Rowe had two younger brothers. All of them were raised by their parents in Sydney’s North Shore. She got her early education at Abbtosleigh School for Girls. In 1973, she got a degree of Master of Arts in English literature at the University of Sidney.

Emily Rodda Facts 4: father

Her father was a prominent figure. His name was Jim Oswin. There were some TV shows that his father arranged such as The Mavis Bramston Show, My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours?. He worked as the general manager of ATN7.

Emily Rodda Pic

Emily Rodda Pic

Emily Rodda Facts 5: the first job

After she attained her degree in English literature, she got her first job as the assistant editor at Paul Hamlyn Publishing. Then she moved to another publication of Angus and Robertson Publisher. He worked there for 14 years as a editor, senior editor, managing director, deputy published and publisher.

Emily Rodda Facts 6: the first book

In 1984, she wrote her first children book under the name of Emily Rodda.  It was entitled Something Special.

Emily Rodda Writer

Emily Rodda Writer

Emily Rodda Facts 7: award

Something Special was accepted by the readers well. In the same year, she got the Australian Children’s Book Council Book of the Year for Younger Readers Award. She could take home the award for 5 times.

Emily Rodda Facts 8: work in later years

Even though her first book was very successful, she still continued her career in publishing from 1984 to 1992.  When she worked as the editor at Australia women’s magazine, she wrote a novel.

Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda Facts 9: full time writer

In 1994, Rowe made a big decision to become a full time writer. There are several crime fictions for adults that she had written. Some of them include Death in Store, Murder by Book, and Sternghold.

Emily Rodda Facts 10: Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda was taken by Rowe for her pseudonym on children’s books. She took the name from her grandmother’s name.

Emily Rodda's Books

Emily Rodda’s Books

There are some successful novels by Rowe adapted into movies. One of them is the Finders Keepers. It was created in a TV series of The Finders. Do you have any opinion on facts about Emily Rodda?

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