10 Interesting EBay Facts

Saturday, January 4th 2014. | Finance

Read about the biggest marketplace in the world in eBay Facts. When you check eBay, you will get anything you want here. You can pick the most affordable into the most expensive items. There are a hundred of millions of listing products that you can shop around the world. Find out the interesting facts about eBay below:

EBay Facts 1: establishment

EBay was established in 1995. The growth of the company is very fast. At first, the company only had on programmer. Now it has more than 15,000 employees. People recognize this site and like to sell or buy products here. There is no need to wonder if it is considered as one of the biggest companies in America.

EBay Facts 2: rare items

The people who want to get the rare items can find out in eBay. You can list anything you want here. There are some people who sell their spouses, town, or even old gum. However, of course there is some restrictions when you want to enlist a product.

Ebay facts

Ebay facts

EBay Facts 3: screenshot

The earliest homepage of eBay actually was Auctionweb. You can see it around March 1997. It was in 1995 that this AuctionWeb was launched to the world by an entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar from his house in San Jose, California.

EBay Facts 4: changing name

The idea to change the name of AuctionWeb to eBay was from Omidyar and Jeffrey Skoll. The name was changed in September 1997. People love to call eBay than Aunctionweb.

Ebay Logo

Ebay Logo

EBay Facts 5: logo

People are always fascinated with colorful logo of eBay. Death bar is considered as the first Auction web logo.

EBay Facts 6: the first item

Are you curios about the first item listed on eBay? It was actually the priceless broken laser printer. There was a collector who bought this item for $14.83.

Ebay Motors

Ebay Motors

EBay Facts 7:  other items

After a week launching this eBay, there were several products enlisted on the webs. Those were a Superman metal lunchbox for $22, Marky Mark underwear for $400, and a Toyota Tercel for $3,200.

EBay Facts 8: eBay’s headquarters

7 eBay’s headquarters can be seen in San Jose, California.  Each building is named based on the categories that you can find on this site. Those are Technology, Jewelry, Music, Collectibles, Sports, Toys, and Motors.

Ebay Motors

Ebay Motors

EBay Facts 9: conference room

EBay building is very unique. If you come to the motor building, you can see the each room is named after the type of the cars. In a music building, you can see each room is named after the musical instrument.

EBay Facts 10: community terms

You can also find some locations in eBay building named after the community terms such as the Buy it Now, About Me and Powerseller.

Ebay Web

Ebay Web

The first one to reach a feedback score of one million is Jack Sheng.  Thus, you can see that one conference room is named after him. Are you interested with facts about eBay?

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