10 Interesting Ford Motor Company Facts

Tuesday, January 28th 2014. | Finance

Ford Motor Company facts are information related to the company. Ford has been recognized as one of the most famous car manufacturers around the world. You can read the facts below to gain better info and unique facts about it.

Ford Motor Company Facts 1: first business

It is American car manufacturer. It started the business within 1903. It has grown up well and nowadays become the 5th largest car company in the world. It is based on numbers of any cars sold there. Therefore, it is no doubt that Ford has gained huge popularity around the world.

Ford Motor Company Facts 2: family owned business

Ford Motor Company is family owned business. In fact, it is the largest in the world. Any of the CEOs within the company has the relation to Henry Ford. He was the founder of the company. Perhaps you have already notice about the grandson named Henry Ford II as well right?

Ford Motor Company Facts

Ford Motor Company Facts

Ford Motor Company Facts 3: Le Mans 24 hours

There is certain car of Ford which has won Le Mans 24 race for the 4th times. It was in the year 1960s. The purpose is to beat Ferrari. Recently, people recognize the cars as one of cars which have well known as long distance race cars.

Ford Motor Company Facts 4: assembly line method

In fact, Ford has invented the assembly line method in the making of cars. Henry Ford is said in getting the idea from the way any pigs got slaughtered and butchered. This idea has made the production better and more efficient.

Ford Motor Company in the past

Ford Motor Company in the past

Ford Motor Company Facts 5: Ford Thunderbird

There is Ford Thunderbird which was manufactured first in 1955. The production finished in 2005. There were about 50 models which have been released. People commonly call the car as T-Bird.

Ford Motor Company Facts 6: Model A

The very first car released by the company is the Model A. Yet, the first success in the marketplace is the Model T. There is a fact that in the year 1916, almost 55% of whole cars on the road were the Model T. Besides the popularity, the Model T has half price of the rival.

Ford Motor Company Now

Ford Motor Company Now

Ford Motor Company Facts 7: Lincoln Motor Company

In 1925, Ford also purchased Lincoln Motor Company. Lincoln is considered to be luxury production of the manufacturer. The most famous car is Town Car.

Ford Motor Company Facts 8:  Ford of Britain

The first overseas manufacturer is Ford of Britain. It was in 1911 located in Manchester, England. The most famous cars were Capri and Escort.

Ford Motor Company Pic

Ford Motor Company Pic

Ford Motor Company Facts 9: Ford Badge

The Ford badge was introduced in 1907. It is recognized all over the world.

Ford Motor Company Facts 10: end of production in UK

After 90 years in producing cars in UK. It ended in 2002. There is no cars production there anymore.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

Any people love to drive car. Yet, they need to learn about Ford as well. I bet it fun to study facts about Ford Motor Company.

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