10 Interesting Credit Card Facts

Thursday, December 19th 2013. | Finance

Credit card facts are a hot topic to discuss. People are aware that having a credit can give positive and negative effect. When you are out of the limit, you will be fine. However, many people who have an extravagant life sometimes cannot handle their credit well. Here are some interesting credit card facts to consider:

Credit Card Facts 1: credit score

Credit score is very important to notice when people want to have a credit approval. Some important factors which affect your credit score include unpaid parking tickets and library fines.

Credit Card Facts 2: credit card industry

The credit card industry had $55 billion credit based on the data in 2006. The finance charge in the credit card history is around $90 billion. To make sure that you can have a good credit score, you need to pay the credit bill on time.

Credit Card and Shopping

Credit Card and Shopping

Credit Card Facts 3: fast food

One of the main products that the American people like to pay using debit or credit cars is fast food. It is estimated that the people there spent $51 billion for the food. Women love to use their credit card to buy fashion and cosmetic. See cosmetology facts here.

Credit Card Facts 4: food

The $51 billion for food used by the American people is equal with 1.7 billion gallon or coke, 3 billion pounds of French fries and 10.2 billion big Mac meals.

Credit Card facts

Credit Card facts

Credit Card Facts 5: national debt

Each country has different national debt. The Unites States has 10 trillion debts. Germany has 4 trillion debts. France and Italy has the debt of 3 trillion and 2 trillion.

Credit Card Facts 6: credit cards

The research states that one of 10 people has more than ten credit cards. You can find many celebs use credit cards. One of them is seen in Claudia Schiffer facts.

Credit Card piles

Credit Card piles

Credit Card Facts 7: American people and credit cards

Most people living in US have at least two credit cards. It means that those cards can span on 16,233 miles. Their width is big enough for you to walk through the Atlantic Ocean.

Credit Card Facts 8: Olympic debt

In 1976, the Olympic debt was $2 billion. The city Montreal has to spend 30 years to pay all of the debt.

Credit Card visa

Credit Card visa

Credit Card Facts 9: interest

You have to pay at least $2,300 for the $1,000 charge. The credit card company usually will give you 22 years to pay this bill.

Credit Card Facts 10: the first credit

The first credit card was created by Ralph Schneider and Frank X. McNamara in 1950.

Credit Card

Credit Card

In 1958, Chase and bank of American issued their first credit card. In 1970, the usage of credit card was very popular. Do you have any comment on facts about credit card?

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