10 Interesting Angelfish Facts

Saturday, May 5th 2018. | Animals

Angelfish (Pterophyllum) is one of the attractive fishes which may make you feel curious about this kind of fish. Getting some info about this fish will be something interesting. That is especially if you are one of the people who are always interested in the various types of fishes. Most of you of course have ever seen this kind of fish in the aquarium. Sure, this is one of the most common fishes which become the inmate of the aquarium. That is reasonable since angelfish has lots of species with the beautiful and colourful appearances which make lots of people are interested in taking care and kept one in their aquarium. Getting some info about this kind of fish including about the facts of Angelfish will help you to know much more about this kind of fish. That is especially if you are also interested in taking care one of them.

Fact : originally carnivore

Angelfish is originally carnivorous. That is especially for the wild ones. The angelfishes which live in the captivity then commonly become omnivore.

Fact 2: Involved in the Family of Cichlid

Angelfish is from South America. They are involved in the family of Cichlid. This family is including various kinds of popular fishes. They are including discus, parrot fishes, Oscar, and so on.

Angelfish Drawing

Angelfish Drawing

Fact 3: Diseases Prone

Angelfish has the high risk of various diseases. They are including hexamita, columnaris, Ich, and so on. That is why it is a bit tricky to take care of them properly.

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Fact 4: Need the Long Time Adaptation when It Takes into an Aquarium

If you take the angelfishes into an aquarium or a new place, they will need the longer time to adapt. That is because they are too sensitive to the change. Thus, you need to try some ways to make them well adapted into the new place.

Koi Angelfish

Koi Angelfish

Fact 5: in Captivity, Angelfish is Able to Survive up to 15 Years

Taking care of the angelfish in the best way is important. If you do it in the best way, the angelfish hopefully get the longer life. It can reach about 15 years or even more. Thus, it is good to take care of them properly.

Fact 6: Angelfish can reach 10” Long

Commonly, the angelfish in captivity reaches the maximum average length of about 6” if they are well taken care. However, if they are placed in the large size aquarium or place, they will grow more. it can be up to 10” long.

Angelfish Spawning

Angelfish Spawning

Fact 7: The Female and Male Angelfishes Have Similar Appearance

It is hard to differentiate the male and female angelfishes. That is because they have the similar physical appearance so that it is common that we could not notice which one is the male and female. That is including in the similar sizes and shapes of body and also the similar colouration.

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Fact 8: Freshwater and Marine Angelfishes have Lots of Varieties

There are two general types of angelfishes. They are freshwater and marine ones. The freshwater ones are commonly in silvery blue tones with the longitudinal stripes in dark tone. Some of the varieties are gold, veil, zebra, marble, and so on. The marine angelfish is commonly in green, blue, yellow and red tone which is with band and marking in other bright tones. They are also in the wide ranges of varieties. 

Freshwater Angelfish in biodome

Freshwater Angelfish in biodome

Fact 9: Angelfish can be too aggressive and can put other Fishes in Danger

This is really true. Angelfish can turn to be really aggressive especially in their young age. They can also put other kinds of fishes in danger by attacking or preying them. That is why you have to house them properly and separately.

Fact 10: Need the Space/House with the Same Type

This is much better if angelfish is placed in an aquarium with their type only. That is because they can be really aggressive especially the young one. Thus, it is better to house them with the same type of the fish.

A Group of Angelfish

A Group of Angelfish

Those are some interesting facts about angelfish which you need to know. The info will help you to understand much about this fish. Hopefully if you plan to take care of them, you know what to do by getting to know some facts about angelfish above.