10 Interesting Buddhism Facts

Thursday, October 17th 2013. | Religion

Buddhism facts inform you with one of the most popular religions in the world. You can go to the temple if you want to pray to Buddha.   Some people choose Buddhism as their religion because it makes them living in harmony. They can enjoy a relaxing life without any stress because Buddhism always wants to promote serenity. If you want to know more about Buddhism facts look at the following explanation:

Buddhism Facts 1: Temple

The temple will be visited by most Buddhists when they want to pray. You are wrong if you think that a temple is only visited in a certain special day or occasion.   Buddhists can visit it anytime they want.

Buddhism Facts 2: Full Moon

There is no need to wonder when you see a lot of Buddhists praying during the full moon. They will love to visit the temple to pray.

Buddhism and Meditation

Buddhism and Meditation

Buddhism Facts 3: Vihara

Vihara is the place used by the people to call a Buddhist temple. This place is not only used to pray, but also to educate people.

Buddhism Facts 4: Inside Buddhist Temple

If you are curious with the interior of Buddhist temple, you can visit various Viharas in the world. Most of them are filled with a large Buddha statue in the center area. It is surrounded by the statues of his disciples.

Buddhism Facts

Buddhism Facts

Buddhism Facts 5: Rooms in Vihara

There are several rooms that you can find in Vihara. You can see a meditation room, a lecture room and library.  This temple also contains various manuscripts and relics.

Buddhism Facts 6: Shoes

We definitely know that you always use your shoes or sandals when entering a building. However, you need to take off the shoes when you enter a Vihara. It is used to respect Buddha.

Buddhism Pic

Buddhism Pic

Buddhism Facts 7: Teacher

Many people get it wrong by thinking that Buddha is a God. It is actually is a teacher.

Buddhism Facts 8: Food and Flower

In front of the Buddha statues, you can see various types of food and flowers. Flowers are a good symbol which can remind people that life won’t last forever.



Buddhism Facts 9: Candles and Incense Sticks

When people pray in a Vihara, they will light the candles and incense sticks.

Buddhism Facts 10: Monks

Since a monk owns nothing, Buddha always remains people to give food to the monks. By fulfilling this responsibility, it will help the people to reach nirvana when they die.



There are several principles that people should note when they embrace Buddhism. You should never hurt any living things, never take drugs and alcohol and speak kindly to others. Do you have any more information on facts about Buddhism?

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