10 Interesting BMW facts

Saturday, November 23rd 2013. | Automotive

BMW facts can enhance people’s knowledge about the car manufacturer. In this case, I really want to discuss mostly about how people can find good information related to this well known car manufacturer. So, what are the facts that people need to understand?

BMW Facts 1: the name

Some people perhaps don’t know yet about the original name of this car manufacturer. In English, BMW may stand for Bavarian Motor Sport. In original name, such car manufacturer stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. Therefore, you need to know more about this.

BMW Facts 2: the logo

While most people consider that the logo of BMW is from the symbol of spinning propeller. You should understand this BMW logo actually comes from the flag of Bavarian. It consists of blue and white colors. It is true that BMW comes from Bavarian.

BMW 27a

BMW 27a

BMW Facts 3: the face

People are concerned to discuss the first time that this car uses the kidney grille. The kidney grille is used firstly in the year of 1933 in BMW 303.

BMW Facts 4: aero plane engine

Many people do not know that BMW was firstly not launched as car manufacturer but as the producer of aero plane propeller. I believe that there are still many people who don’t know about this.

BMW 2012

BMW 2012

BMW Facts 5: slave labor

You will recognize that in World War 2, the workers of BMW manufacturers were actually slave labor. This kind of information is actually rare to know. So, what do you think about it? So, you need further information ahead.

BMW Facts 6: BMW M

Have you ever heard about BMW M? The first version of BMW M is the M1 produced in the year 1978. Perhaps some of you have already recognized about this car right? Are you one of those people?

BMW car

BMW car

BMW Facts 7: BMW turbo

In the year of 1972, you find out that there was a car produced by BMW named BMW turbo. It had gull wing doors and digital dash. In the aspect of appearance, the car was very astonishing.

BMW Facts 8: BMW CSL

If you notice about BMW CSL, you can recognize that this type of car has successfully applied the concept of bat mobile. It has spoilers and arches. The concept is very great for people who love a sport car.

BMW fact

BMW fact

BMW Facts 9: BMW 335i

If what we talk here is about BMW, you recognize BMW 335i. This car is powered by good quality of 3 liter twin-turbo straight 6. The engine is similar to Skyline and Supra.

BMW Facts 10: popularity

Although BMW has gained popularity around the world, you can find out that some people who have the car face problems to find the parts of such car.

BMW facts

BMW facts

It is true that different people can gain different understanding on facts about BMW. The information above I hope can help people to find the best BMW car.

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