10 Interesting Aeroplanes Facts

Monday, November 4th 2013. | Automotive

If you want to be a good pilot or you want to get involved with aviation world, you need to notice aeroplanes facts. This is an interesting subject to talk about. You will be amazed with history of aeroplanes and its technology from time to time. Here are the fascinating facts about aeroplanes.

Aeroplanes Facts 1: A Boeing 737

Do you know that a Boeing 737 has the weight around 68,000 kilogram or 150,000 pounds? When it is on the air, it can deflect about 40,000 kilogram or 88,000 pounds.

Aeroplanes Facts 2: commercial aircraft door

A commercial aircraft door will be open inward. You cannot open the door when in a flight. The size of the door actually is larger if you compare it with the window frames on the planes. Assume that you can open the door.  It means that you have to life a 2,200 pound weight.



Aeroplanes Facts 3: Airline doors and windows

Airline doors and windows are special. You cannot compare them with the door and window on your home or commercial building. The door and window will be flushed when they are expanded. The design so the door is created with a few millimeter insets.

Aeroplanes Facts 4: flag on the airplanes

You can see that most international planes have a flag located on the tail of the planes. This position is chosen because it will look like a real flag flying on a pole.



Aeroplanes Facts 5: jet airliners wings

When you view jet airliner wings, you can see vortex generators. They come in the shape of a row of small metal tabs. They can stand in the height of 2.5 centimeter or one inch.

Aeroplanes Facts 6: vortex generator

Can you tell me the function of vortex generator? It is used to synchronize the air flow of the wing when the aeroplanes are in a flight. Vortex generators usually are placed in front of the rudder.

Aeroplanes Facts

Aeroplanes Facts

Aeroplanes Facts 7: jet engine

The people who have a lot of cash and want to reach a certain place quickly can have a private aeroplane with a jet engine. It is totally fast.

Aeroplanes Facts 8: engine on a Boeing 747

The engine on a Boeing 747 has the weight around 4,300 kilogram or 9,500 pounds. The cost of the engine is around $8 million dollar.  When the engine is used on a flight, it will consume 12 gallon of fuel per minute.

Aeroplanes Fly

Aeroplanes Fly

Aeroplanes Facts 9: flying

It is impossible for human being to fly even though they are strapped on the giant wings. It is due to the fact that human heart has to pump out the blood quicker.

Aeroplanes Facts 10: ball lightning

Ball lightning is also produced by an aeroplane.  But it is harmless even though it is sparkling.

Aeroplanes on Sky

Aeroplanes on Sky

The best view that you can get when you are in a flight is sitting near the window. You can enjoy a wonderful view from the top. What do you think on facts about aeroplanes?

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