10 Interesting NASCAR Facts

Tuesday, August 19th 2014. | Automotive

Let me give you the detail NASCAR Facts.  When people think about the stock car racing, they always remember NASCAR. It stands for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. If you are interested to know the background information of NASCAR, you have to read the following post below:

NASCAR Facts 1: United States

Do you know that the primary governing body of stock car racing is located in United States?  The founder of NASCAR was a gas station owner and a stock car driver, William H. G Bill France.

NASCAR Facts 2: stocks cars

You can find various kinds of stock cars in NASCAR. Most of them were built for racing. The latest model comes in sedans. They have large body.  If the stock car is equipped with a big engine, it can reach the speed up to 200 miles per hour. Find out more models  of cars in Car Facts.



NASCAR Facts 3: on oval asphalt tracks

The race of NASCAR will be held on oval asphalt tracks. The distance that the racer has to pass during the racing is various. It can be from 5/8 mile or even 2 2/3 mile.

NASCAR Facts 4: the series

There are several series that you can see on NASCAR. You have them in the nationwide series, such as in the Sprint Cup Series and the Camping World Truck Series.



NASCAR Facts 5: the Sprint Cup schedule

When a NASCAR race is participated on the Sprint Cup, he or she has to know the schedule. You can follow 26 races in the regular season and 10 post seasons. It means that 36 races are held in the Sprint Cup.

NASCAR Facts 6: the high banks

The high banks on the Talladega and Dayton International Speedways allow the racers to use the restrictor plates on the cars. The plates were used for the initial time in 1971.



NASCAR Facts 7: flags of colors

There are various flag colors in NASCAR. Each color symbolizes a signal. When there is a yellow flag, it means that the racers should slow down the cars because the track is not clear. This flag gives you information that it can be weather related issue, an accident or even debris on the track.

NASCAR Facts 8: the white lap

If you see a white flag on the race, it means that it has one lap remaining, when the race is over, the black and white checkered flag will be on.



NASCAR Facts 9: the top races

During the Cup series, there are several top races to follow. Some of them include the Brickyard 400, Daytona 500, Camping World RV Sales 500, and Bojangles’ Southern 500.

NASCAR Facts 10: Richard Petty

Do you know the racer with the most career winner? He is Richard Petty. He is the winner in 200 races. Many people call him as the King of Stock car racing.



The only NASCAR Cup Series driver to win in five consecutive championships is Jimmie Johnson.  He was the winner in 2006 till 2010. Are you fascinated reading facts about NASCAR?

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