10 Interesting Car Facts

Sunday, June 16th 2013. | Automotive

Car facts give the interesting and unique information about the car in the world. In the past is considered as an exclusive thing to have. But now many people can buy cars. There are car brands competing in the world market to gain attention from the customers. You can see who Ferrari and Lamborghini compete with sleek and powerful cars.

Car Facts 1: Pong with a Saab

GM Tech II on a Saab 9-3 SS allows you to play pong. This system is wonderful for it leaves the driver and passenger in amusement. When you are trapped in traffic jam, you can play pong on the tech II.

Car Facts 2: Duryea

Duryea is the first car generated in America.   The popularity of this car is low. Probably many of you have not heard about the existence of this car. However, there is one model of Duryea presented.

Car Facts

Car Facts

Car Facts 3: Gas Gauges

The people who have a car in 1920 are lucky for they know if the fuel runs out. Before 1920, people had to guess about the fuel for it was not equipped with gas gauges. It can make you trap in town when you ran out of fuel.

Car Facts 4: traffic light

Traffic light is very important to manage the transportation in town. The first city in US with traffic light is Cleveland in 1914.

2002 Honda CR-V

2002 Honda CR-V

Car Facts 5: Honda CRV

Honda CRV offers the people with a picnic table. You can see it on the first and second generation of CRV. You can get the operation shower kit too when picking the first generation.

Car Facts 6: Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a luxurious brand in the world. People can have it if they rich enough to spend thousand dollars. The design is elegant and classic. Roll Royce is very popular in Hong Kong.



Car Facts 7: Tucker Torpedo

Tucker Torpedo made in 1948 was unique. The exterior is equipped with three headlights.  The third one can be seen on the middle of the grill.

Car Facts 8: Peel P50

Peel P50 is the smallest car in the world.  You can run the car with 356 miles per hour. It only has on seat with weight of the vehicle at 130 lbs.

electric car

electric car

Car Facts 9: An Electric Motor

Once the fastest car in the world is only equipped with an electric motor. Today, many cars in the world are equipped with rocket or turbojet engine to maximize the speed and acceleration. Compared to an electric motor, it is 20 times faster.

Car Facts 10: Environmental Impact

We know that cars contribute much to the global warming because it spreads the emission on the air. However, cars are considered as the most recycled item.

The dealerships spread around the world. You can see the cars in various countries whether they are in US, Asia or Europe.  The styles, designs and colors are various to meet the personal need of customers. Do you want to add more information on facts about car?

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