10 Interesting Neil Gaiman Facts

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Neil Gaiman Facts present the interesting information about the bestselling author from New York Times. Gaiman has published more than 20 books during his career as a professional writer. He likes to write books for children and young adults. Here are facts about Neil Gaiman for you:

Neil Gaiman Facts 1: the famous books

The famous books that Gaiman has published include the Graveyard Book, Coraline, and American Gods. If you want to read his latest book, you can check the Ocean at the end of the Lane.

Neil Gaiman Facts 2: cheese

It is quite surprising that the writer likes Wensleydale for his favorite cheese.

Neil Gaiman Facts

Neil Gaiman Facts

Neil Gaiman Facts 3: weird belief

You will never believe that Gaiman has a strange idea. He thinks that books have genders. She thinks that Stardust and Coraline are girls’ books. The male book is American Gods.

Neil Gaiman Facts 4: manananggal

Manananggal is a mythological character from Filipino. He states that it is his favorite character.

Neil Gaiman Image

Neil Gaiman Image

Neil Gaiman Facts 5: a writing shed

Gaiman states that he owns a writing shed.  Probably it makes him comfortable when writing in a shed.

Neil Gaiman Facts 6: Metro

Metro is the name of the magazine that Gaiman started with three friends. At that time, he was only 16 years old. The magazines were sold in the local stores.  It was very cheap.  Some important people that showed up on the magazines include artist Roger Dean and Michael Moorcock. The famous people were very surprised when finding out that the interviewers was boys with school uniforms.

Neil Gaiman Pictures

Neil Gaiman Pictures

Neil Gaiman Facts 7: a Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

A Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen was used by Gaiman when he writes the Anansi Boys. Get facts about Nathaniel Hawthorne for another famous writer.

Neil Gaiman Facts 8: a talking cat

Gaiman admits that he owns a talking cat. Actually he never has a cat before. It is quite amusing for him to hear the cat saying hullo which appears like hurro. it always wanders around the attic of his house.

Neil Gaiman Writer

Neil Gaiman Writer

Neil Gaiman Facts 9: sushi

Not many people like to eat sushi, but out favorite writer, Gaiman likes sushi. He considers sushi as his comfort food.

Neil Gaiman Facts 10: omelet

Even though Gaiman likes sushi, when he wants to cook, he will choose omelet as his favorite menu.

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman

Before he makes The Ocean at the End of the Lane as a novel, he made it as a short story. He is a beekeeper too. Are you impressed with facts about Neil Gaiman?

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