10 Interesting the Torah Facts

Thursday, December 8th 2016. | Religion

The Torah Facts talk about the significant reference of Judaic tradition. The meanings in the Torah are various. The term Torah is often used to call the first five books of Tanakh. The rabbinic commentaries or perushim are also found on the Torah. There are definitions of Torah.  One states that it is a unity of practice, culture and teaching of Jews. Others believe that Torah is used to call the continued narrative of Book of Genesis to Tanakh.

The Torah Facts 1: the content of Torah

The content of the Torah is centered on civil laws, religious obligation and morality of Jews.

The Torah Facts 2: the word Torah in Rabbinic literature

The term Torah is used to call the Oral Torah and written Torah based on the rabbinic literature. The former one is used to call the spoken Torah. The written one is used to denote the five books.

torah pic

torah pic

The Torah Facts 3: what is the Oral Torah?

The amplifications as well as the interpretation of the rabbinic traditions are found in the Oral Torah.

The Torah Facts 4: the teachings

It is believed that God gave the people the oral and written teachings in the Torah through Moses.

The Torah Facts 5: who is Moses?

Moses is a prophet who received the revelation of the Torah at the Tabernacle and Mount Sinai. Moses wrote all teachings from God that people call it as The Torah.

The Torah Facts 6: the creation of the Torah

It was believed that the Torah was created before the world was created based on a Midrash.

torah presentation

torah presentation

The Torah Facts 7: the written books of the Torah

According to most Biblical scholars, the Torah was a creation of Babylonian captivity. It was made based on the oral and written traditions. The completion of the Torah was circa 400 BCE during the rule of Achaemenid. Check facts about Moses here.

The Torah Facts 8: the oldest known fragment of the Torah

The oldest known fragment of the Torah was traced back in the late 7th century.  It was made before the Babylonian captivity. This fragment was discovered at Ketef Hinnom in 2004.

torah reading

torah reading

The Torah Facts 9: the language

The words written in the Torah were in Hebrew. The sofer wrote the Torah on a scroll. Get facts about Jewish Religion here.

The Torah Facts 10: reading the Torah

Reading the Torah is considered as one of the important aspects in Jews’ religious and communal life.

the torah facts

the torah facts


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