10 Interesting Philippines Facts

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Let me who you the explanation about one of the island countries located in Southeast Asia in Philippines Facts. Have you ever visited Philippines before? This country has a lot of smaller islands.  The official name of the country is Republic of the Philippines.  Living in Philippines is not really safe because it is prone to typhoons and earthquakes. The country is located in the Pacific ring of fire. Get more facts about Philippines below:

Philippines Facts 1:    Ferdinand Magellan

The first European person who came to Philippines was Ferdinand Magellan. At that time, Magellan wanted to search for spices in the west under the order of King Charles I of Spain.  He got an expedition to sail for Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. Check facts about Ferdinand Magellan here.

Philippines Facts 2: name

The name Philippines was given by a Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. He called the island Philippines to honor the Spanish King, King Philip II.

Philippines Beach

Philippines Beach

Philippines Facts 3: the population

It is estimated that the country is inhabited by 11 million residents. Do you know that the largest network of Diaspora in the world is the Filipinos?

Philippines Facts 4: volcanoes

How many volcanoes do Philippines have?  It is home to at least 200 hundred volcanoes. On 15 June 1991, the eruption of Mount Pintabu happened. There were 20 million tons of sulfur and 10 billion metric tons of magma erupted from the mountain. It created the largest mushroom clouds ever made in the world.

Philippines Facts

Philippines Facts

Philippines Facts 5: Taal volcano

Another active volcano in Philippines is Taal volcano. It is located Taal Lake. This volcano is very unique because it is situated inside a volcano.

Philippines Facts 6: text capital in the world

Philippines are the text capital in the world because there are at least 450 million SMS sent by 35 million mobile subscribers every day.

Philippines Pic

Philippines Pic

Philippines Facts 7: Karaoke

Many people think that Karaoke was invented in Japan. But actually it was invented in Philippines. Roberto Del Rosario was the inventor who called it sing along with the system.

Philippines Facts 8: The Faint banded sea snake

One of the famous snakes in Philippines is the Faint banded sea snake.   You have been careful when seeing the snake for it is very toxic. You can find the snake not only in the country but also in Solomon Island, New Guinea, Gulf of Thailand and Australia.

Philippines Scene

Philippines Scene

Philippines Facts 9: Python Reticulatus

Python Reticulatus is the reticulated python. It is called as the largest reptile and longest snake in the world. The length of the adult version of the snake is 8.7 meters.

Philippines Facts 10: tropical fruit

You can find out a lot of tropical fruits such as coconut and sweet mango here.



Many Filipinos choose pineapples to export to other parts of the world. Are you impressed with facts about Philippines?

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