10 Interesting Madrid Facts

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The most visited city in Spain is explained in Madrid facts. In Europe, it is called as the third most populated city. Many tourists all over the world like to visit this city because you can find interesting and unique buildings. There are many famous athletes living in Madrid. Here are facts about Madrid for you:

Madrid Facts 1: property

The price of property in Madrid is increased from time to time. In Europe, Madrid is considered as the fourth richest city in Europe.  It is behind London, Paris and Moscow.

Madrid Facts 2: talented people

Madrid is a city which produces a lot of famous and talented people. Some famous football players include Fernando Torres and Raul Gonzales. The famous people include Penelope Cruz, Placudi Domingo and Enrique Iglesias.

Madrid City

Madrid City

Madrid Facts 3: Flamenco

Flamenco is a famous dance in the world. Do you know that this dancing style comes from Madrid? Many people misunderstand the term flamenco? It is not only a dance. It is actually a mixture of singing, dancing and guitar playing.

Madrid Facts 4: Plaza de Torros de Las Ventas

Plaza de Torros de Las Ventas is always associated with bullfighting. This bull ring actually is also used for other purposes such as to hold a concert. One of the famous bands who performed on stage at Plaza de Torros de Las Ventas was AC/DC. It is a famous Australian band.

Madrid Facts

Madrid Facts

Madrid Facts 5: bullfighting

Bullfighting is very famous in sprain. People are attracted to watch the bull fighting for it is not only called as a sport but also as an art.

Madrid Facts 6: the delicious wine

If you visit Madrid, you need to taste the delicious wine. This city is famous with its wonderful vineyard. It produces red grapes and white grapes.

Madrid Pic

Madrid Pic

Madrid Facts 7: Plaza de Mayor

Plaza de Mayor is another famous building in Madrid.   In the past, it was used for public execution and a bullring.  Many tourists love to visit this building to enjoy the magnificent architecture. Find out another great city in Spain by reading Barcelona facts.

Madrid Facts 8: Toro de La Vega

Toro de La Vega is a famous festival in Madrid. You can see the sacrifice of a bull during the festival. The bull will be stabbed by the spears until it falls down.

Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain

Madrid Facts 9: Madrid’s Safari Park

Madrid’s Safari Park is a famous attraction that you can visit in Madrid. There are more than 500 animals here. You can see lion, reptiles and aviary animals.

Madrid Facts 10: the Aquasur

The Aquasur is the amazing open air pool. During the summer season, it is visited by many teenagers and families.  It has five big slides.



If you want to take home unique and antique objects from Madrid, you can visit El Rastro. This flea market is open on Sundays and sells a lot of unique items. Are you interested with facts about Madrid?

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