10 Interesting Howard Schultz Facts

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If you want to enjoy the information about one of the inspirational men in America, you have to read Howard Schultz facts. Schultz is a successful businessman who was born from a poor family. Today he is one of the richest men in the world. You need to know his pathway to achieve success in his journey.

Howard Schultz Facts 1: who is Schultz?

Schultz is famous as an American business man. He was the former owner of Seattle SuperSonics. Now he is the CEO and chairman of Starbucks. If you love coffee, you know that Starbucks offers you with the best coffee in the world. People like to wait in line to get their favorite coffee from Starbucks.

Howard Schultz Facts 2: a businessman

Schultz is not only involved with coffee.  Schultz and Dan Levitas were the founder an investment group. It is called Maveron.  In the Square INC, he was one of the boards of directors.

Howard Schultz CEO

Howard Schultz CEO

Howard Schultz Facts 3: net worth

Are you curious about Schultz’s net worth? Based on the information from Forbes Magazine, he had 1.5 billion dollar in 2012. It made him as the 345th richest person in United States of America.

Howard Schultz Facts 4: date of birth

Schultz was born on 19th July 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. He came from a Jewish family. His father was an ex army for US.  Then his father worked as a truck driver. The names of his parents are Fred Schultz and Elaine.

Howard Schultz Coffee

Howard Schultz Coffee

Howard Schultz Facts 5: siblings

During his early life, he lived in Canarsie Bayview Houses in New York City along with his siblings. Schultz has a brother named Michael and a sister named Ronnie.

Howard Schultz Facts 6: sport

Sport was his only hope to escape from poverty. Schultz was born in a poor family. He did well at some sports such as basketball, football and baseball.

Howard Schultz facts

Howard Schultz facts

Howard Schultz Facts 7: education

In 1971, he graduated from Canarsie High School. He could go the Northern Michigan University since he was good at sport. He got an athletic scholarship to go to the university. He was considered as the first person in the family who could go to university.

Howard Schultz Facts 8: degrees

In 1975, he got a bachelor degree in Communication. He was also a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Howard Schultz Pic

Howard Schultz Pic

Howard Schultz Facts 9: the first job

His first job was a sales person for Xerox Corporation. He could do his job well. In a short time, he got the promotion as a full sales representative.

Howard Schultz Facts 10: a general manager

He had a wonderful career. He was appointed as the general manager for Hammarplast in 1979. It is a Swedish drip coffee maker manufacturer. He controlled twenty staffs for the United States operation  in this company.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

He joined Starbucks as the director of marketing because he was very amazed with the knowledge and professional ethic of the company. Today Starbucks is also an icon for the coffee maker. Are you inspired with facts about Howard Schultz?

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